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Wizkid’s Hobbies


The ever most prominence kid of Ojuelegba Wizkid, who had soured the African music to a higher hierarchy will ever remain honored for his contributions so far; creating a legacy for the whole Africa especially Nigeria alongside Davido and other boosting artists. Having achieved tremendous deals and contracts, his lifestyle will ever remain an image for thousands to copy. He has a whooping copious passion for some things which had turn out to become generally known as his hobbies. These hobbies are worth more to look at below. Below are Wizkid’s hobbies.


It’s never a doubt that shopping is being seen as one of his greatest hobby for he is so passionate about fashion, this is the link that bonded his love for shopping. He is always seen in much big shopping label making his choice or even involved in some deals with them.

In his previous interview on shopping, he explained he doesn’t mostly shop but negotiate deals with the fashion companies which would give him his fashion desire personally. That has shown his love for shopping most especially to fashion.


like his rival Davido, he is popularly known for his love of tripping to various places around the whole either for fun or his music deals. This is the main reason he will ever remain regretful amid the present virus outbreak which had restrained him from doing his favorite hobby of going to several top countries.

From his different various locations before the pandemic outbreak, he had been spotted in many different countries weekly fulfilling his passion for traveling. It’s a great hobby of his, he is always seen undergoing.


This is one of his main hobbies which he had confessed so far according to him. He has many tailors in which he claimed to provide him fashion of his desire. He bragged that if he needs thousands of clothes in two weeks, he would get that through his tailors around the nation. Proving his state, he has shown some symbol of his words and name on his expensive golden clothes. His love for skinny jeans is ever constant, having spotted him with many. He has been involved in many talents shows just to fulfill his favorite hobby.


In the previous interview of his favorite drinks, he chose Hennessy among others listed but despite that, he had been known so long ago about his love for drinks. He always sips some during shows and other secret concepts.

It seems he exchange such with his rival Davido having proved his passion for drinks


It’s funny how it sounds, although dancing is one of his hobbies, he is never spotted having good moves. He has explained to media how passionate he loves dancing but it’s unfortunate he can’t create a good move like others does. You could feel the evidence in some of his songs, he will always love to dance.

It’s no doubt, Dancing sparks out bliss from his heart to his cheeks creating a grin which had registered it as one of his hobbies.

Great love for sunglasses

He will always profess his love for sunglasses via his many interviews. Despite that, he is always spotted wearing different forms of sunglasses daily. When he was interviewed about his love for that he announced that he buys copious of them each time he is out of the country for some ambassadorial or music deals. He was also asked about the numbers of sunglasses he has to his name and he replied hilariously that he can’t count them. This has proved his love for sunglasses so far. There’s no doubt it’s registered as one of his hobbies.

Having seen the above hobbies of his you could now vividly clear your aspiration on knowing his hobbies, he just a great man who posses good hobbies just like we do.