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Why self esteem is important


Self esteem is a person’s belief about their own worth and value. It has to do with the feelings people experience that follows from their sense of worthiness or unworthiness. If you don’t know why self esteem and self worth important, you won’t see a need to overcome it. Self esteem influences your choice, actions and decisions. It is what you consider to take care of yourself and explore your full potential.

People with high self esteem are opened to a lot of opportunities and options. They are motivated to do things they’re supposed to do, they persistently strive towards the fulfilment of their goals and aspirations in life. While people with low self esteem are less persistent and resilient. They tend to allow opportunities pass them by. They usually have goals and aspirations too, but the drive to pursue them is not there.

You don’t teach self esteem, it comes from within. You have to deliberately desire a high self esteem for you to have it. People who don’t have self esteem do not know what it feels like to have it, until they actually do have it. Those with low self esteem have great things to offer, they have high potentials, but since they see themselves as worthless, then no one will care to know what they have to offer.

Self esteem makes you believe you’re valuable and important, and enables you to make good decisions which enhances your value rather than break it down. Many people do not see a need to take care of themselves, they believe it is a waste of time. The truth, actually, is that they lack self esteem. Self esteem makes you see the need to take care of yourself, because you know you’re important. Self esteem makes you show up with confidence everywhere. Even when you make mistakes, you’re quick to rise up and move on, because you understand that mistakes are a part of life.

Your sense of worth about yourself makes you take on new challenges. Even though you failed in the last challenge, you’re still confident to take up a new one. People with low self esteem give up before they even start anything. They wish for good things, they desire it when they see in others, but they just can’t believe enough in themselves that they are capable. Self esteem makes you believe in yourself, making it easier for people to believe in you.

There is a saying that goes, “you’re addressed the way you dress”. As much as this is true, you are also addressed the way you portray yourself. It is important to dress well for a good first impression, but it is as well important to present yourself well. After people have seen the good dress you show up with, they want to know who you are. And it is who you say you are that they will accept you for. It is how you value yourself that they will value you. When you have a high self esteem, it becomes difficult for people to look down on you. And even when they do, you still show up with confidence to prove them wrong.

In the world of business, music, entertainment, you can not go far with low self esteem, that’s even if you get to start at all. It is very important that you build up your self esteem if it is low. Place great value on yourself, and by that, people will value you as well. A strong sense of self worth in the workplace greatly affects your performance at work. Improving your self worth can increase your engagements at work, which leads to higher productivity and confidence from your employer.

High self esteem helps you to make better decisions and trust your own judgements. It helps to improve your leadership qualities, and ability to support other team members. It helps you to be your best at work, to produce great impacts, which leads to more opportunities and accomplishments.