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Top 5 Nigerian Love Music You can Listen to This Weekend


Love is a universal language, it crosses all boundaries and it is not limited to race, age, or religion. Love is eternal, it comes with a strong feeling for attachment to a member of the opposite s3x. When you fall in love with a person, you become vulnerable, you tend to let your down your guard for the person.

The person you are love with becomes an angel, they are perfect in everything they do and everything they say is right to you. The moment you spend with that special person seems endless, you want it to last for eternity. You just want to be by your lover’s side, nothing else in the world matters when you are with them.

Many believe that falling in love is divine, while others believe it is not, some scientists believe that you fall in love when there is a release of certain chemicals into your system. They, the scientists, argue that we fall in love when a chemical amphetamine runs through the emotional centre of our brains.

When people fall in love they are always looking for a way to express that indescribable experience. Each person expresses love differently; Bayo buys gifts, Tunde tells her sweet words while Eze sings love songs.

For those who loving singing love songs to express their love, we bring to you five songs that would keep you falling in love.

Ife Wa Gbona – Tiwa Savage ft Leo Wonder

Released on October 8, 2012. The song is the fourth single in the album ‘Once Upon a Time’ by Tiwa Savage. The music video portrays a young man trying to express his love to a young lady despite the fact that her father didn’t support their relationship.

Ife Wa Gbona peaked to number 66 on Top 100 Afribiz music chart. It won Best Highlife at the 2013 Nigerian Music Video Awards. It’s a song you should sing to show the commitment of your love to your partner.

Iyawo mi – Timi Dakolo

Produced by Cobhams Asuquo, sang by the Nigerian King of Soul Music, no other than Timi Dakolo. The song won the Best Vocal Performing (Male) at the 2014 Headies Award. Iyawo Mi is a special love letter any married man can present to his wife for her contributions to his life.

Timi Dakolo was born in Bayelsa but he grew up in Port-Harcourt. He started singing at the age of 12. He released his first album ‘Beautiful Noise’ in 2012. Many believe that his single ‘Great Nation’ should be Nigeria’s new anthem.

Ifunanya – P square

This is one of the masterpieces produced by the defunct P-Square when the going was good. The single is part of the album ‘Game Over’ released in 2007. The song was produced by J Martins.

The video for the song was shot in South Africa. Ifunanya is a combination of a Yoruba word ‘ife’ which means love and ‘funaya’ which means ‘one who inspires love’; the song means ‘love inspires love’.

Fall in love

The kokomaster released this single as part of the ‘Entertainer’ album in 2008. The song was produced by D’banj, many believe that the song brought D’banj into stardom in Nigeria.

The second music video for the song featured Genevieve Nnaji, and it was believed that she was paid 2 million for the role she played. The song was nominated for Song of the year at The Headies Award 2019 and won the Channel O Music Video Award in 2010.

Smile for me – Simi

When the song was released in 2017, it was a love anthem on the mouth of lovers. It was part of the Simisola album that debuted to Number 5 on the Billboard World Album.

It won the Best R&B Song at the 2018 The Headies Award. It is almost impossible to listen to this song and not want to fall in love. Simi is known for creating amazing love songs. ‘Smile for Me’ is not an exception.