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Tiwa Savage “Ugly Relationship Between Politicians & Ladies” – Koroba Review


Tiwa Savage keeps evolving in her music, just like she ages backward. For her, it’s no more about the beat and vibes anymore, it has graduated to a deeper level and she is depicting in her works, that meaning and messages are of utmost importance. She keeps transforming like the way caterpillar metamorphoses into butterfly, bringing out beauty and change.

In her recent single, “Koroba”, which isn’t one of her album coming soon, ” Celia”, she shows that she is capable of using music to create understanding for circumstances that have been normalized and overlooked, but shouldn’t be happening. The song is directed at exposing Nigeria’s socio-political corruption.

She reviews the song, “Koroba” as follows;

“Koroba” is the Yoruba word for “Bucket”, so the song actually means “carry your bucket”. It is also a common slang used by hawkers in an open market. The afrobeat song was produced in London, and Tiwa made sure to make it the best of vocals and groovy vibe. It began with a whistle that gives vibes similar to that of the sound used in a movie from 1966, “The good, The bad and The ugly”. The song has catchy lyrics that are easy to memorize and remember.

Taking a deep look at the lyrics of the song, it is clear that Tiwa is addressing the unpalatable relationships between Nigerian politicians and young ladies in the society. The song isn’t just one of those tunes that just gives you vibe, it requires deep thought.

Explanation of the lyrics

The first verse, ” I no come this life to suffer, if I follow politician, you go hear am for paper, them go call am, prostitution, who no like enjoyment?, if money dey for pocket, shebi na National budget e o? We go blow am like trumpet.”

In this verse, Tiwa makes it plain that she’s not in this life to suffer, who doesn’t like enjoyment? She says if she tries to date a politician, the media will pick up the story and her cynics will label it as prostitution. She further says that what she will be doing as a politician’s woman is to get her own share of the national budget.

Tiwa tries to put herself in the shoes of a woman going out with a politician. After having fun under the sheets with the political, he then says he has his eyes all over her because she has the tendency to steal from him as most professional escorts do. She replies telling him that he is also a thief who has stolen millions from the masses, one he never worked for.

“Darling, I’m watching you, small thing you turn mugu, you come dey shout ole, the money you no work for, bad commando, you carry overload, yawa dey, igboro, sho wole, ko wole.”

“I no mean to bother you at all, Monkey dey work, bamboo dey chop, Kilamity tell me, say you talk and do oga, tell me wetin you fi do (do, do), I no mean to bother you at all, monkey dey work, bamboo dey chop, Kilamity tell me say you talk and do oga, tell me wetin you fi do.”

Here, she tells him to pay for her services, as he is a politician spending the money he never worked for. However, Tiwa has once addresses this issue in her first single released in 2019, “49-99″, where she paid homage to Fela Kuti, and accentuated Nigeria’s sufferings. The track was inspired by Fela’s album in 1978, ” Shuffering and Shmiling”, where she sings about the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer in Nigeria.

In “Koroba”, Tiwa came heavily for Nigerian politicians who like to prey on younger women, instead of working to make the country a better place.

Looking at the music video from another angle, Tiwa was seen playing the role of a newscaster giving the news that she is in the news again. She is at the ‘Amebo Salon’ headquarters for carrying home a basket of gists and gossip. The news of her relationship with a politician comes up and tongues start to swish.

Seeing the commotion, Tiwa throws out thousands of dollars to the hairdressers and when she left, there was more commotion. This simply means she knows she is a big celebrity, and her love life is what everyone is nossy about. She knows that whatever she does, right or wrong, her name will always be up, but she doesn’t care.

With this song, we can be sure of expecting more from Tiwa on her forthcoming album, ” Celia”. “Koroba” is not just a song that you listen and dance to, but your head and mind are involved, as you want to grasp the deep meaning embedded in the lyrics. This is a song you can enjoy in your quiet time, or one that can turn a club on. Fans are all waiting to see more of Tiwa as it is evident that she is growing and changing as an artiste.