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Things You Should Never Say to the Lady You Love


Women are moved by words. They react differently to words than men do. There are certain words you can say to a man that won’t mean anything to him, but if you say such to a lady, she can break down emotionally. You can afford to be rough in your words when talking with a man, but never with a lady, especially the one you claim to love!

1. Inferring she’s not as smart as a man

Everybody knows that men are natural rational thinkers, while women are emotional thinkers. But if you have to say it to her face that she’s not as smart as your male friends, then you’re committing a great offense.

For the most part of history, the discoveries and achievements made by women have a man backing with it. If you imply to a woman that she’s not as smart as men, you’re conveying yourself as a shallow thinker.

2. Body shaming her

Most women in the world face body shaming. ‘You are too fat or you are too skinny.’ All those words mean nothing when they come from the multitude. If you claim to love her and you say those words to her, they would shatter her totally.

Women are obsessed with their looks, when you tell a woman you love that she’s too fat, too thin, ugly, not as beautiful as your female friends, or not photogenic, you’re committing a great offense against her physique.
Never add to her frustration by suggesting she wears more makeup, or eat more, or work out some more.

3. Slut-shaming her

In our society, a man can sleep with as many women as he wants and will be called ‘king of women, ‘Casanova’, or some other positive words. But when a woman does that, she is not described with positive words. Women are not allowed to be as sexual as men.
She is told that her virginity is her glory and should be kept. When she gets raped, she is to be blamed, rather than the person who did it to her. If your male friend went out and got raped, you probably won’t tell him it was his fault.

But when it comes to a woman, the world already labeled her. If you love her, you shouldn’t join them to say those words to her.

4. Anything that makes her lose confidence

Women have a way of analyzing simple words they hear, especially ones said to them by people they love. It is not unlikely to find women that have low self-esteem because of what the society and family said to them.
You shouldn’t say words that make her lose her confidence or self-esteem. If you must correct her, do it in love. That’s your woman, you’re supposed to speak words that build her up, rather than bring her down.

5. Threatening her with violence

Most women in society are already in danger of male violence. They have faced it from their fathers, uncles, past boyfriends, and all. Never threaten her with violence. Even if you never plan to lay a finger on her, do not threaten her, if not, you will portray yourself worse than those who actually do lay hands on her.
You can use physical threats on your male friends during an argument or as a joke, but never with a woman. That is not something to joke about even if you do not mean it.

6. Telling her she’s crazy

If you get into an argument with your woman, you might be tempted to call her ‘crazy’ when you just don’t seem to understand her. You shouldn’t fall for it, you don’t have to always win the argument. Don’t weaponize the idea of craziness in a way to attack your woman.

Telling her she’s crazy is a very cruel thing to say. Even if you don’t understand her reaction at the moment, just put yourself in her shoes and check things from her point of view.

7. Implying she owes her success to her gender

The society allows a woman to think she gets things easily because she is a woman. Normally, men favor women they’re attracted to and give them some special privileges over others. Though she might get things freely because she is a woman, trust me, she doesn’t enjoy it.
Most times, she has to pay with something she doesn’t want to give out. She might enjoy free things from men, but her life is more difficult than men think. So, rubbing it on her face is cruel and being ignorant.

8. Anything that pokes fun of her insecurities

When she trusts you enough to tell you about her insecurities, you should never make the mistake of making fun of it. No matter how funny, little or crazy the insecurity may look to you, it is out of bound for you to make a joke out of them. You wouldn’t find it funny if anyone pokes a joke out of your insecurities, the same as your woman. Never try it.