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Things You Should Never Do to The Man who Loves You


Relationship is a two-way thing. It is not 50-50. For your relationship to work, each party must be ready to give 100 percent each to make the relationship work.
Nothing good comes cheap, not even having a great relationship. You must put work into it. It takes labour. Why do you think people feel pained when they lose a relationship? They are not pained just because a person left as it were. They are pained because a part of their lives has gone into the relationship.

This article is not about handling heartbreaks, it is more about doing things that will keep your relationship from breaking. The main reason behind this article is to show you how you can keep your man with you. Things that you should never do if you don’t want to lose the affection of the man who truly loves you.

Beyond the fine face, the bold voice, and the height, you have to understand that we are all creations of emotion. Most of the decisions we make are influenced by our emotions. Yes, men are more rational than emotional, but if you do things that hurt his emotion, he would make the decision to leave. Every man has a king and a beast in them. Here are the things you should never do if you don’t want to unleash the beast in your man.

Compare Him to another 

The worst you can do for a man is to compare him with another person. It shatters his confidence and wounds his pride. All humans are unique, there is no basis for comparison. Celebrate your man’s special abilities. Celebrate his wins. Make him feel like the king he truly is. Feed his confidence with your words. Every man loves to be around a lady that believes in his dreams. Even if you had been in a relationship before you met him, never compare the man you now love with your ex.

Remind Him the Past

No man is an angel. Many of us have done terrible things in the past. If you are privileged to know about the ugly past of the man you love; do your best to keep him far away from that memory. You should never bring up an event from his past no matter what; it hurts. He is now a better person. The past is over, he is now a new being. Focus on the present and the great future you both have together


Women respond to feelings, men respond to respect. This cannot be over-emphasized, treat your man like a king. Do not talk to him as if you are talking to a baby. He is your man. Do not use words that would bruise his ego. Be proud that you have him.

Talk ill of His Parents

Even if he doesn’t get along with his parents, you don’t have the right to talk ill of them. Just be neutral, love them, and try to grow your relationship with them.
Don’t use his differences with his parent to get back at them. It is not a sign of wisdom to get in-between your man and his parents. If his relationship with them is not going fine, stay out of it.

Cheat on Him

You should not cheat on the man you love. Finding someone else without his knowledge would hurt him. Be bold enough to be honest with him; if you are no longer interested, summon the courage to tell him. Don’t give him the impression that he has all your heart, love, and attention when you are sharing those things with another person; love him totally.

I have told you things you should never do to your man. Now, go and make your man happy.