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Ten Things That Makes A Lady Fall In Love Deeply


Of course, ladies differ; in creation, in behaviour, and in expression. Getting a lady to fall in love with you is very easy. Once you understand her, you have gotten the key to her heart.

Many guys find it easy to get a lady to fall in love with them, but the relationship breaks after a few months because they don’t know how to keep a lady happy.
This article addresses how to win a lady’s heart and keep her with you forever.

1. Have Self Confidence

No lady wants a guy who is afraid to take the lead. No lady loves a man who is not bold enough to make a decision at critical times. Ladies love guys who know where they are going, what they are doing, and who they are.
It makes her feel secured. Ladies love whoever makes them feel secure.

2. Know When to Give Her Space

Of course, ladies love quality attention. They cherish those moments when you spend time with them. However, don’t become possessive. Give her space to roam free. This will allow her to miss your presence, think about you, and want more of you.
You don’t have to be around her all the time, too much of anything can be boring.

3. Put a Smile on Her Face

When you put smiles on her face most of the time, she will like you forever. You don’t have to be a comedian, just show her that you care. Learn how to make her smile, especially when she is in distress.

4. Trust

Be a man of your words and keep your promises. A lady will trust you when she sees that you are honest and authentic. Don’t cheat on her, nothing breeds hatred in a lady than knowing that you have someone else while you are still professing your love for her.
Don’t double date, it is better to break up with her than to love her with another person. Ladies don’t love it when the man who professes to love them share their attention with another lady. Let her be the only one.

5. Respect her Decision

Respect her body, her feelings, her values, and her beliefs. No means no, in every area, your relationship with her doesn’t make her your puppy.
Don’t force yourself on her, she is an adult, respect her decisions. Contribute to her personal development and support her passion.

6. Communication

Ladies are generally talkative, not all though. You will be at an advantage if you can communicate effectively. You should know how to tell her what is on your mind, especially, when she asks for your opinion.
This will make her feel important. Also, let her know she is always on your mind too, it will make her feel secure even when you are not together.

7. Confide in her

Be open to her about things you don’t tell other people. Tell her your dreams, your vision, your plans, and goals. Let her have a feeling that she is part of your vision and dreams. Nothing makes a lady better secured than having the confidence that she is part of your future.
Tell her about your plans. Welcome her suggestions, allow her to contribute to your plans.

8. Listen

Sometimes ladies talk not because they want your opinion, but because they just want you to hear them out. A lady will likely be yours forever if you listen to her not only with your ears but also with your heart.
When she is talking, just listen to her, give her a hug, and tell her ‘it is well.’

9. Dressing

No lady wants a man who dresses shabbily. She wants to be proud to show you to her friends and family; dress properly, let her be proud to stand beside you in public.

10. Satisfy her with Compliments

Give her sincere and genuine praise when she does something right. When she is wrong, correct her in love too. No lady likes a man she can control around, ladies respect men who can put them straight when they go wrong.

Now you have the keys to unlock a lady’s heart, go and make your woman happy.