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Sunday Afternoon Melodies


Sundays are to be honoured and hallowed unto God. Many people separate this special, holy day to do the things of God. They go to church in the morning, and when they come back in the afternoon, they continue worshipping God all through the day.

Worshipping God, however, should not be limited to Sundays. It should be something we do every day with our lives. Worshipping God keeps you connected to him. You set your atmosphere on fire for God when you worship God. There are different ways we can worship God.

For many people, listening to any kind of music is what they do on a daily basis. They just enjoy it as they go through their daily activities. Gospel music, in particular, has a soothing and calming effect that affects you positively. The lyrics of gospel music have a way of heightening your spirituality to the next level.

When situations of life affect you, gospel music can alleviate your problems and lower your stress levels. Gospel music gives encouragement that makes it easy to move forward and forge ahead.


For people who like to listen to gospel music after Sunday service, to keep their environment spiritual, we have compiled a list of gospel songs for you.

1. Way Maker

Way Maker is a popular song produced by a worship leader and songwriter, Sinach. It was first released in March 2015 and has since been covered by many Christian artists such as Darlene Zschech, Leeland, Michael Smith, among others.

In March 2019, Way Maker became the first Nigerian gospel music to reach 100 million views. And in May 2020, Sinach became the first African artist to top the Billboard Christian Songwriters chart. She has released other gospel hits including ‘I know who I am’, ‘Awesome God’, ‘I stand Amazed’, ‘Simply Devoted’, and others. Experience the presence of God in an amazing way with this powerful song.

2. Fragrance to Fire

Fragrance to Fire is the newest addition to the catalog of Dunsin Oyekan, a worship leader. The song was released live at The Covenant Nation, Lagos. This song is an uplifting, worship-driven song from this celebrated Nigerian worshipper.

The song was released earlier in 2020 and has since been on the top list of worship songs in Nigeria. Dunsin Oyekan has released other gospel songs like, ‘Imole de’, ‘If all I say is Jesus’, ‘Breathe’, ‘Open up’, and ‘More than a song’.

3. Every Praise 

Hezekiah Walker’s song “Every Praise” is the number one song of the decade, according to Billboard. Every Praise was first released in 2013 and is now one of the hot gospel songs to date. The song spent 102 weeks on the survey of top list songs, it’s longevity on that list helped it spark to number 1 ranking for the decade.

Hezekiah Walker is the pastor of Love Fellowship Tabernacle in Brooklyn, New York. He is popularly known as hip-hop pastor because of the high profile secular hip-hop artists that attend his church. But he releases great worship songs.

4. All that Matters

All that Matters is a worship song that shows how important Jesus is in our lives. It helps us to know that only Jesus should matter in our lives and affairs. The song was released earlier in 2020 by Gift Ugochi Godspower, popularly known as GUC.

GUC is a talented gospel singer with great songs. He was signed to Eezee Concept Media in 2019 and has since been doing great with gospel songs.

“All that Matters” has hit more than a million-plus view on YouTube and still growing.

5. Reckless Love

Reckless Love is a song by Cory Asbury, released in 2017. The song made Cory Asbury more known in the gospel industry. Reckless Love was nominated for best contemporary Christian music performance in the 2019 Grammy Awards.

The song cuts through the hearts of men, as it reveals the overwhelming love of God to man. It is one of the top worship songs in churches today and amongst individuals. If you don’t have this song in your playlists, then you’re missing a lot.