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Simple Ways to Destroy Your Music Career


Success leaves clues, so does failure too. If you want to succeed in anything you are doing, just study those who have gone ahead and are doing fine in whatever field you choose to operate. If you want to fail; do what failures do. The world has seen many musicians: Some were legends, even though they have died, the powerful songs they gave us keep living in our hearts.

We have few individuals who got to the top of the music career, but due to some careless behaviours, they went from grace to grass. The purpose of this article is not to mock anyone who failed so I won’t be mentioning any artist’s name. I will show you the things those who have failed in the music career have in common.

Having a Sense of Entitlement

Nobody owes you anything. You want a crown, fight for it. Don’t think the world will bow at your feet because you have the ability to sing. Those who are celebrities today worked a road. They paid their dues. No one finds a diamond on the surface, so start digging to find yours. If you want to be successful, put in the work. Do you want to be a celebrity? Give people tangible reasons for them to celebrate you.

Getting High on Drugs and Substance

As a musician, you are a creative artist; this means that you need your mind to be in order if you want to produce a masterpiece. At its best, getting high on drugs would destroy your mind. Your mind is important, it is your powerhouse.
Another bane to using drugs is that they would harm your voice. Think about it, once your voice is damaged, how would you communicate your craft to those who love you?

Jumping from one Lady to Another

This is not to sound vulgar. Dear music artist, ‘keep your pr*ck in check. A Nigerian music producer once told an artist not to waste his sperm.
One rape allegation is more than enough to destroy your music career. Being a musician doesn’t give you unrestricted access to ladies. Yes, it is a free world, you can do what you like, but understand that there are certain levels you cannot get to in life by being loose. Ladies are not exempted, close your thighs. There is no pride in being labelled ‘a dog’. Think about the brand signings and endorsement you would lose by being a loose person.

Talking About Everything

Another easy way to destroy your career is to have an opinion about everything happening on social media because you think you are a music star. It can also mean talking without discretion in the open. Keep your opinion to yourself. You don’t have to talk all the time. Stop chasing clouts because you want to trend on social media. Those things would damage your brand reputation and keep serious people away from you. Let your craft do the talking, keep your mouth out of things that doesn’t concern you.

Promoting yourself only when you feel like

Music has two sides. The craft and the business. Master the two sides. Many musicians don’t understand that you have to work for your craft before your craft starts working for you. People will not know you if they don’t hear from you. Invest in promoting your own songs. Invest in sponsored ads. Pay media houses, pay micro, and macro-influencers. Spread it on your channels. Tell people about your songs. Have a mailing list. Talk to your fans regularly, put yourself before them. Out of sight is… (Complete the rest).

Trying to Perform like a Famous Artist

It is the creative industry, no one wants a better version of another person. We celebrate differences not similarities. Another cool way to destroy your career is to pick a stage name or perform like an already known artist.
Show your uniqueness and people would like you for it. People don’t like the two of the same kind, even you.

I have shown you how to destroy your career in very simple steps. For a horrible music career, practice them.