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Relationship Status Of Davido And Wizkid

Wizkid Davido

The Rival in these two great stars who boost the Nigerian music firm with their hit songs will always remain entertaining for the good listeners and fan base around the whole globe. Many things they share together will always make it look so vividly that people would assume they actually compete. With the lights of their relationship status, net worth, lifestyle, and luxuries. The fan always views Wizkid and Davido as a rival. Referring to their relationship status, they had gone so dazzlingly creating a confusing relationship with many girls, one could ask is this really because of the nature of the fame? Maybe it is. We shall look at their relationship status so far which is popularly described as baby mamas. Below is the full knowledge.



The popular successor poorly known as Ayodeji Balogun had been so confusing with his relationship status having a whopping amount of 3 baby mamas and other minor girlfriends. His taste for jumping from one to another is an astonishment despite his fame. Below are his baby mamas.

Shola Ogudu

When WizKids fame exploded newly Binta came up with his first son named Boluwatife who was born in 2011 after wizkid had affairs with her. It was a shock to his fan base for Binta was just 19 years old when she introduced wizkid’s first son to the world.

There was no doubt, wizkid took the responsibility after several claims from different measures including DNA. There’s no true love between them but only a parental responsibility.


Binta Diallo

Not so long when everyone thought everything has come to an end, another lady announced the claim of wizkid second son which got everyone talking and wondered how he copes with such. His second son Ayodeji was born in 2016 when wizkid fame had become extremely standard. Although wizkid denied him at first, Binta never slumped in proving her right with copious evidence which later returned to her favor. They are currently on a close relationship with their son not as lovers.

Jada pallock

The following year, people were totally astonished after another promising charming beautiful lady came up with the same claim of wizkid third son named Zion in 2017, which had proved wizkid’s passion for ladies and children.

It was a surprising take after people realized Jada was actually wizkid’s manager. No one knew they were in a secrete relationship until the result of pregnancy exposed all. She is one of the baby mamas among all, wizkid sometimes hangs out with. She is the lucky baby mama.



The son of the multi-billionaire Adeleke is popularly known as Davido will always stick up with his rival wizkid referring to lifestyles. He is also known for his confusing relationship state having three baby mamas and a denied unlucky one too making him a father of three children from different mothers.

We shall look on his relationship journey so far, meet Davido’s baby mamas below.

Sophia Momodu

The music quality of the great son of Adeleke boosted and earned him fame from his great songs, everyone loved him but a surprise engulfed the air showing some secret qualities the singer has on the ladies. In 2015, a cousin to an ovation boss known as Sophia momodu came up with a claim Davido is responsible for her pretty brilliant daughter Imade Momodu. There’s was no doubt, Davido took the necessary responsibilities but things twisted earlier.

Davido accused her of infidelity and claimed she was breastfeeding the baby while smoking some weed with the intention to forcefully take the child from her but the lucky lady won after several debates, the child remained with her mother.

Despite the fact that she stays with her mother, Davido has never failed in fulfilling his parental responsibilities. He is currently on a child relationship with her not as lovers.


Following off the air with ease the singer slammed the air again proving to people he is yet to start when another lady announced Davido is responsible for her daughter Hailey.

The singer met Amanda on a business trip to the US where they had an affair and exchanged their gonads for pleasure. She became pregnant and gave birth to Harley in 2019. There was no need for a DNA test for Hailey resembles Davido just like Imade does. There hasn’t been a clash between them but they are actually on a child relationship not as lovers.

Ayotomide Labinjo

The same year a lady couldn’t hold out her nerves and came out with a claim Davido had a child with her back then in 2013. It was another goosebumps to the fans, everyone was shocked and kept portraying their feelings via social networks.

Davido never accepted the allegation and was involved in a DNA test which was sponsored by his father. It was unfortunate to Labinjo, the result came out negative proving her wrong.

Despite the result Labinjo never gave up on standing to her words, saying Davido is responsible. She further accused them of bribing the doctor to their favor. The seven-year-old daughter is rendered forlornly away from an alleged father.



In 2018, everyone was settled with the contempt of his relationship status, thinking that was a possible end; he came up with a shock.

It was a shock explicitly judging from the hierarchy of the girl, she just a simple unknown girl who he met at the club. He loved her genuinely but no one believed counting from his previous relationship status. He proved all wrong when he released a song for her titled assurance making the first baby mama she sang for. He further bought her a Porsche worth 45 million nairas.

This further went serious when he got her pregnant, fortunately, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy making Davido a father to a boy after several years. This even infused his love for her. She is currently engaged with Davido which is a sign of future wedding which is still not yet decided.

This is the relationship status of Wizkid and Davido so far. There are a lot more coming from the two, maybe.