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Proposal gone wrong


A video has been trending on Twitter about a lady who refused to accept her boyfriend’s marriage proposal because he refused to kneel down before putting forth the thing to her. The two people are seen standing in the public, which the young man has made preparation to be recorded by a third party as he pops up the great question.

However, it was a shock to the man after the lady withdrew her hand insisting that he kneels down before proposing to her. She said, “Why are you standing? You’re engaging me and you’re standing? People are even telling you to kneel down? Are you going to break the rules?” The young man was really caught by surprise as he proclaims his love to his girlfriend and telling her that kneeling down does not prove his love.

The man, who was identified as Ojuwa retorted saying, “people are watching us, I really love you from the depth of my heart, it’s not by kneeling down. If i kneel, it’s not love anymore. We’ve been in this relationship for more than five years and you know I really love you. People are here. If I’m going to take you to church, will the pastor ask me to kneel down when giving you a wedding ring?”

The proposal didn’t go as planned as the lady stood her ground that the young man has to kneel down before she could accept the ring, of which he wasn’t ready to do.

Meanwhile, Veteran actor, Pete Edochie has once said that any African man who kneels to propose to a woman is stupid, as it is “unAfrican”. Twitter users argued that the young man in the video must have been listening to Pete Edochie, hence, his refusal to kneel down.

Come to think of it, does it really matter? Public proposal, going down on one knee to give the ring? All that matters is the love you both share, my thoughts though.