Home Entertainment Peruzzi addresses rape accusations and relationship with Chioma, with new song, “Lagbaja”

Peruzzi addresses rape accusations and relationship with Chioma, with new song, “Lagbaja”


Peruzzi’s miseries seemed to start when his former record label boss, Patrick Anyaene accused him of breaching their contract. He was more angered when Peruzzi showed indifferent attitude, and so he went ahead to unleash some of his secrets. He revealed that Peruzzi was the one who recorded Davido’s hit songs, “Ada”, ” Fia”, “Mind”, and ” Risky”. He also released audio proof of Peruzzi singing the song, “Fia.”

Things went overboard to the level that Patrick busted out that Peruzzi and Chioma, Davido’s fiancee are lovers. This led to the couple following each other on Instagram, but later followed back. As if colliding together, he was also accused of sexual assault and fraud by a UK-based singer, Daffy Blanco. According to her, she said Peruzzi almost raped her and she had to fight him off, but got a scar in the process.

Few months later, another rape accusation came from a lady who said she was raped by the singer when she accompanied her friend to his place in Lagos, years back. To worsen the matter, his old tweets which seemed to support rape came up online, and he was caught trying to delete them. All these events made him to lay low for a while, but he denied all accusations against him. His come back was a strong one, as he released his new hit, Lagbaja.

He sang the song with so much passion and energy, with clear vocals and of high quality. The track started with a recording of a phone call where he tells Patrick to speak up, since he has decided to remain silent during the accusations. The main reason of the song was to deny the rape accusations against him. He said he never did any of the things he was accused of. The song contains deep lyrics, but it was still upbeat and groovy – Huncho style.

Click below to listen to the new song, “Lagbaja.”