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Neo Ready to Resolve His Differences with Vee.


Finally, Big Brother housemate Neo has declared his intentions to settle the differences in his relationship with his fellow housemate Vee.

The two bird lovers fight every Saturday and make up every Sunday over small issues like food.

They had a serious during the Saturday house party and it led to their breakup fro the second time.

Vee swore that she wouldn’t forgive him because of all he said to her during the fight; the relationship is over finally.

Since things did not work out between them, they resolved to remain friends, until they leave the house.

However, on Tuesday night, Neo who seems not to have gotten over his feelings and not comfortable with the break up said he was ready to do anything to have Vee back again. He told her that they should pick up the relationship from where they dropped it. In his words,

“Please I need you back, I’ll do anything to have you back as my girlfriend. I miss you asking me to do things for you. I miss us.”

But Vee as made up her mind as she said she is not interested and they should remain, ‘friends’, till they leave the Big Brother house.

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