Neglected Things That Destroys Artists Career

sometimes people people gets astonished on how an once boosting famous artist suddenly vanished. Yeah it’s a surprise but people neglects some tiny habits which is extremely dangerous. There are little habits which resulted to the fall of their fame but was neglected. These habits doesn’t promote firm but rather destroys them. It’s effects doesn’t show earlier but very lately that’s why most of the famous artists neglects them and it has been terrorising many famous artists. This habits are;

1. Bad lifestyle
2. Bad Drugs
3. Always sounding the same.
4. Relationship status
5. Involving in conflicts

Bad lifestyle; secretes bad life styles of an artist like being a gay or a lesbian, prostitution and so on can never earn an artist a stable fame or ambassadorial deals. Even if there are ambassadorial deals already, once noticed it shall be restrained. Bad lifestyle are sometimes very sweet but have late bad effects which destroys fame. Many of the famous artists regrets ever indulging in such for it has harmed them physically and mentally. Artists should note that bad lifestyle precludes success.

Bad Drugs; counting from the young famous music artists who died young we all know 89% of them died of excessive intake of bad drugs. This had also disabled a lot of famous artists. In the case of Justin bieber, many girls who loved him because of his cuteness may dilate from being his fan because drugs had restrained his cuteness the same applicable to Justin Smith who was extremely handsome growing with much talent but drugs precludes his handsomeness many who followed him because of his cuteness may get irritated and dilate of being his fan. This can destroy fame. Bad drugs can also affect creativity because it affects the brain capacity which can lead to lost of the memory and quality. As an artist you should avoid drugs.


Always Sounding The Same; when something is dynamic for a long time without any new improvement or new quality especially in entertainment people get tired of such. As a musical artist it’s very risky to sound the same all the time for your fan will definitely get tired of you and swerve to another artist for a pleasure. People love the satisfaction of their various nostalgic so they would do anything possible to create a bliss in them. When you don’t show new qualities as an artist you will have a risky chance of losing your fans to other artists. Many artists sometimes wonder the source of their downfall not knowing it’s the lack of new qualities. Create new qualities and avoid the fall of fame.

Relationship status; Jumping from one girl to another and having a lot of baby mamas can affect an artist’s financial institution which can lead to lost of fame. It’s respectfully globally to stick with one woman, if possible make her your spouse. This would help to stand your fame firmly. Trusts from industries would earn you much ambassadorial deals but almost 50% neglects this and it has been destroying fame.

Also, baby mamas can be envious of each other which is not a save development in a career of a famous artists.

Involving In Conflicts; maybe with a revival or an enemy or even the government. This had ended the lives of many artists. 2pac Shakur involved in many conflicts during his musical career which resulted to an attack from enemies which is still unknown. Explicitly everyone knows that attack is from the enemies but unknown. For a stable fame and career avoid conflicts.


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