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Meet the Big Brother Season Five Housemates


Victoria Adeyele, popularly known as ‘Vee’ is 23 years old. She was born to Nigerian parents but raised in London. She moved to Lagos about a year ago to begin her music career where she has made great strides. She enjoys acting, socializing, and making people laugh, she is always full of fun and life.


Vee is a singer and enjoys anything good music. One of her ambitions is to go into full time singing after the house. Victoria is single and has never been in any relationship longer than six months. She is actually looking forward to a relationship.

Just recently, Vee revealed to the public that she never attended University. She revealed that she chose music over attending a university because tuition is expensive in London.

In her words, she said, “I told my parents I don’t want to go to any university. I said I will not attend a university, but I will have a career in music. I didn’t want to spend as much as 9000 euros and not like what I studied. It was a difficult decision because I am the firstborn”.

She went further to say it is always surprising to her how her parents are so proud of her. Considering that Nigerian parents fancy education so much, it is surprising that Vee’s parents supported her decision and still support her music career.

Her greatest achievement so far was when she performed at the Palmwine Music Festival last year (2019). Her mantra is ‘Live every day like it is your last’.