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Meet Asa, The Award Winning Female Artiste


Asa is a famous Nigerian-French singer, songwriter, and recording artist. Many people hear of Asa but they don’t know who she truly is. Some don’t even know if Asa is a male or female. Let’s dig in a little into who Asa is.

The popular Asa was christened as Bukola Elemide, born on the 17th of September, 1982. She was born in Paris to Nigerian parents who were working and studying Cinematography in France at that time. She grew up in Lagos, as her family returned to Nigeria when she was two years old. She completed her primary and secondary school education in Lagos, South West, Nigeria. After completing her secondary education, she returned to Paris at the age of 20.

Asa is the only female child of her family, she has three brothers. At a very young age, she had to look after the house during her parents’ frequent absence. This was when she started to sing. She attended Peter King’s school of music where she learnt how to play guitar in just six months. Her love for music grew over the years from the compilation of music her father had built up for his work as a cinematographer.

Asa met her friend and manager, Janet Nwose, in 2004, who introduced her to Cobhams Asuquo, her first producer. She got her stage name from the title of the album and she is still called Asa till today. At age 20, she returned to France and enrolled at the IMFP school of Jazz music. But she was advised by the teachers to go ahead and become a recording artist, that she needed no further schooling.

Meanwhile, her first single, Eye Adaba, was already gaining recognition in Nigeria at this time. She signed to Naive records, partnered with Cobhams Asuquo, and produced her first self titled album, Asa. This album opened doors for her in Europe, Africa, and Asia and also won the French Constantin Award in 2008. This was the time she was voted as the best fresh talent of 10 singers by a jury of 19 music-industry specialists in Paris.

She released her second album, Beautiful Imperfection, in affiliation with Nicolas Mollard, on 25th October 2010, which went platinum in 2011. It was reported that as of 2014 Asa had sold 400,000 copies of her albums worldwide. Her third studio album, Bed of Stone, was released in 2014. The singles of this album are Dead Again, Eyo, Satan be gone, The one that never comes and Moving on. On the 14th of May, 2019, she released a new single titled; The beginning, and also Good thing on the 25th of June, 2019.

On 11th September 2019, she announced on her Twitter handle that her new album, Lucid, will be released on 11th October 2019. And indeed, it was released on the said date. There were no albums released from 2015-2017 because she went on a world tour. In 2017, she received the French Music Award Victoires de la Musique nomination for female artist of the year.

At the age of 35, she was in an interview with Funmi Iyanda, and that was where she revealed that she lost her virginity at 28. She also talked about battling depression and waiting for many years before having sex. Asa, who described Angelique Kidjo as her mentor, also cleared the air about her sexuality which had been a rumor for a long time. She stated that she preferred men and that she compromised on them as she got older.

She said she never planned to date an artist. In her words; “on the day I lost my virginity, I called my manager, Janet, and she was surprised that I was a late starter. I also called my mum and she only said, “it will be painful at first”. I am ashamed to say that I lost my virginity at 28. One of the reasons I lost my virginity that late was because I was shy and too focused on my career that I didn’t even think about sex.”

As of 2020, Asa is not in a relationship and is seeing no one. She has had at least one boyfriend in all her life. She likes to keep her personal life and affairs private, so not much is known about this area of her life. Asa is currently one of the richest female artistes in Nigeria, with an estimated net worth of $3 million.