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McDonald’s worker assaulted by customer over face mask policy


The COVID 19 pandemic and social distancing across the world has made wearing masks the new normal, but some customers do not like this. Some times ago, a 19-year-old Maria Resendiz McDonald’s cashier from Oakland in California was physically attacked after she asked a customer coming through to wear a mask.

According to Resendiz while filing a complaint at the California occupational safety and health administration on June 29, she said a man came to the drive-thru window around 3 pm on June 27. The drive-thru had signs asking customers to wear face masks. When she asked the man to put on a mask, he flared up and began to shout racial and physical insults at her. Later, he put his hand through the window and grabbed her neck, slapped her and scratched her.

She said no one bothered to call the police. The man left when his passenger, a woman, came to pull him away. Resendiz said she had to call the police herself, because no one else did. When the police came and asked the manager, Betty Orozco for the surveillance video so they could track the attacker, she refused to provide it.

After the incident, Resendiz was taken to Highland Hospital by an ambulance. According to her, thirty minutes before the incident, the owner of the restaurant, Michael Smith, came and she asked him how to handle a situation in which a customer refuses to wear a face mask. Smith told her to refuse attending to such a person. Resendiz wrote in her statement that she feared being fired if she reported any altercation to Smith.

She reported, “he told me that if I don’t get along with the customers or coworkers, that he would fire me. He said it to my face directly.” Since the incident, strangers from around the Bay Area and the country have offered Resendiz financial and emotional support. One of the McDonald’s customers, Daniel Paz, created a GoFundMe account for her and people have been crediting the account to support her.

So far, the account has raised more than $21,000. Many people have also posted apologies and messages of appreciation for her commitment to serving her community even in the midst of the pandemic.