Home Entertainment Master KG’s “Jerusalem” reaches 100 million views on YouTube in 8 months

Master KG’s “Jerusalem” reaches 100 million views on YouTube in 8 months


This is a great accomplishment that any artist looks forward to attain. Master KG has taken to Twitter to share the good news of his song reaching 100 million views on YouTube. As at 25th of July, the views were around 50 million but within a month, it skyrocketed to 100 million. The number of views of the video are rising and increasing on a daily basis, and it won’t be a surprise to see the views at 200 million in the coming months.

Earlier before now, Master Kg has been panicking about being left out of the nomination list of SAMAs awards, he called out South African music industry to recognise him. But now, he is rated as the first South African artist to attain such views. He has made history that has never been made before.

The song was released earlier this year and he featured Nomcebo. However, he had previously predicted that the song would hit so much views but fans thought he was bluffing. Before the song reached 100 million views, Master KG was on the countdown, and also pleased with fans to watch the video as he wasn’t going to rest until the views reached that number.

After few hours of the release of the hood news, he took to his Twitter page to appreciate God and his fans. He tweeted,

When JESUS says yes, nobody can’t. 100 million views. Thank you world from Master KG & Nomcebo from South Africa.