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How To Be More Productive While Working From Home


We used to have the norm; going to work early in the morning, getting stuck in traffic – those who stay in Lagos would understand this better, leaving work for home in the evening and the cycle continues.

When Covid-19 happened, things changed completely, we began to see that many things can be done differently. It dawned on many CEO’s that staff can work from home and achieve the same result while they work from home.

This discovery made the CEO of Twitter tell his staff that they can now work from home even when the pandemic is over. The new normal is here. We can now work from home. No one cares what you wear when you are working, as long as you get the job done, you are fine.

One would have taught that working from home would make it easier to get the job done but the distractions we face while working from home make it more difficult than expected. The atmosphere in your office makes it relatively easy to get into a ‘work mindset’; laxity comes with working from home easily. It is easy to get distracted.

It takes a lot of discipline to stay focused on the job you are doing-especially when you are married and you have children. The children would intrude, your partner might intrude too. The list goes on.

Productivity and organization expert, Liza Zaslow says ‘Home office is the worst of both worlds, you don’t have the really good office resources and environment being at the office.’

I wrote this article to help those who are working from home with useful tips on how to attain maximum productivity. Here are productivity hacks to achieve great results while working at home.

Create a Workshop

Normally, you are more relaxed at home. Relax, such that you are not just in a state of mind for any serious work. An ‘unserious’ mind won’t get the work done. You need an atmosphere that makes your mind ready to work optimally while at home.
Creating a workspace in a section of your room conditions your mind for work when you step into that arena. It boosts your productivity. It might just be a table and a chair. Separate your workspace from other parts of the home, it helps.

Get Dressed

This looks like taking it too far but have you ever wondered why you are required to dress in a certain way to work. Getting dressed for work brings a sense of seriousness to you and gets you determined to finish the day’s work.

Why do you think professionals like doctors and lawyers dress in a particular way at work? It is because it cultures their minds to work in a certain way that would get the job done and eliminate looseness. A subtle way of saying we are here to work and not mess around.

I am not saying that the cloth has to look formal and serious like you are going to the office but you should at least change from your pajamas. Getting dressed for work while you are at home makes you more productive.

Get a Notepad and Make a to-do list

Having a to-do list will keep distractions out of the way. It is easy to get distracted when you are working from home. You have TV, a distraction from children, spouse, and many unsolicited visits. A to-do list will keep you on track and let you get the job done faster than you should.

Another productivity hack is attaching time to your activities. For example, you may decide to write your schedule this way: 9 AM – 11 AM: I would read Stephen Covey’s Seven Habit of Highly Effective People.

Having a to-do list makes it easy to cultivate good habits. In the book, Atomic Habits, James Clear explains that good habits give you a sense of control over life.
There are many productivity apps on Google Playstore and Apple IOS that you can take advantage of. Wunderlist is one of those apps.

Maintain a Balance

It is easy to get carried away, working into long hours when you are at home. You take a break from work and return home when the day’s job is over; practice the same at home. You can’t be 100% productive every time of the day, know the period when your productivity is maximum and structure your work around that time.

Working in isolation tends to burnout faster than you can imagine. If it won’t be a distraction, I would suggest that you listen to songs while working. It keeps your mind refreshed, energized, and focus. Productivity will be difficult to attain in a stressed body and mind; balance work and rest.

Productivity comes easily when you know how to get productive. Do the things we talked about in this article and you will be surprised at the result you would achieve.

Stay productive.