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How To Achieve More In The Second Part Of The Year


It’s the beginning of the second part of the year. Welcome to the new month.

While celebrating that you made it to the second part of the year despite all that happened in 2020, you have to check if you have achieved those things you planned to do at the beginning of the year.

The big question is, are you living or you are just existing?

This is another chance to re-strategize and achieve those things you planned to do, especially if your first half of the year wasn’t too great.

Don’t throw in the towel, if your first part of 2020 was woeful; there is always a second chance to do it better. And that is why we wrote this for you.

1. Sit down and go over the plan you had earlier:

This is the time to sit down and looked at the plan you had in January, go over them again.

Pick out those you can still achieve before the year ends and be committed to achieving them.

2. Eliminate distractions:

You didn’t achieve what you planned to do earlier because you allowed somethings to distract you. Identify those things and cut them off.

Get an accountability partner to keep you on track. Somethings are better achieved when we have people who guide us through them.

3. Rise up and Take Action:

Rise up and take action

Action brings the results; it does the magic. Rise up and do something in the direction of what you want to achieve

It doesn’t have to be something big or gigantic; those baby steps matter. Victory in little things gives you the confidence to battle hard ones. Nothing just happens, you have to take actions.

Welcome to July, Happy New Month.