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How Davido Met Chioma


When you hear ‘Assurance’ two names come to your mind: Davido and Chioma. Their names remind us of the 21st Century Romeo and Juliet in the Nigerian music industry. It is a story of love, passion, and commitment. Davido once described Chioma as ‘the best thing that ever happened to me.’

There are many stories about the lovebirds, months barely pass without the lovers making the headlines. Recently, there were rumors that they want to go their separate ways but that is not what we are talking about now. This article takes a look back into how the love story began between the love birds.

In 2017, there were rumours that the music star was in a relationship with an unidentified lady. The series of events that followed confirmed that the rumours are true. Later, a video surfaced on Davido’s Snapchat with the clue of a relationship between them after which Davido made the relationship public in a private family event.

After Davido admitted the relationship, he flooded his social media handles with her pictures. It was visible even to the blind that Davido is in love with her. Chioma was part of his first trip to Senegal and Barbados, the pictures from the events at both countries surfaced online; It went viral, there was no doubt about the love between the two. During an interview, Vlogger K. Doll asked her how she met Davido and she said;

‘I met him in school through a friend. My friend was dating his friend when we met.’

Report has it that Davido met Chioma at Babcock University, the same university he graduated from though Chioma was admitted in 2012. How the two connected still remains hidden from the public. Chioma used to be this lady who shows her culinary skills online with very little known about her personal life.

For Davido, things are quite opposite, he had been in a relationship with Funmi Aboderin, Nish Kards, Stacey Brianar Brown, and have had 2 daughters from previous relationships. When He met Chioma, a 300 level student studying Economics at the Babcock University, it was love at first sight. Sources close to the lovers said that Davido was head over heels about her and was literally screaming her name because he just wanted to be around her.

The love is mutual, Chioma was smitten in love too. She skipped a year in school to be around him when he was on tour. In fact, a video of her surfaced online; at an event, he (Davido) had in London, she was seen at the backstage encouraging and supporting him.

We won’t be too quick to forget that Chioma’s parents were not happy with how she left school to follow the celebrity musician. It was gathered that her father, who is a devout Seventh Day Adventist, gave a strict talk that she should finish schooling before marriage but Chioma was drunk in love.

The love was real from the beginning, and it keeps getting stronger, though there were rumours that the 2 were going separate ways, a spokesman from Davido’s family has denied the rumor; all is well between the lovers.