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Home Remedies to Treat pimple as a music artist

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As you chase your goal, following your passion daily sometimes skin irritations like a pimple may try to dilate your joy, creating pains and dark spots on your skin, it’s never a regrets for there are very glaring ways to get rid of them just at home. There won’t be a need for surgeries. Below are the tips.

Wash the face with hot water daily; there are copious germs present on our skins which can combine with oil and dirt creating skin irritations like a pimple. Many of these germs don’t survive in a hot environment so it would be very easier to get rid of people with just bare hot water. Get some volumes of water and boil them to it degree centigrade and soak a clean towel in it then apply gently so to avoid injury. After that, get your cream and keep your skin refreshed. Do it at least two times daily.

Bath severally; As mentioned earlier the body consists of tremendous germs that depend on the body for survival thereby causing irritations if not disturbed. Bathing severally can free up your skin from irritations and wash away germs from your body. It’s stated that the healthiest way of bathing is taking it at least two times daily. If you can increase it, it’s never a sin for its washes away germs, dirt, and oil present on the skin which causes pimple, especially on the face. Get a medicated soap and bath three times a daily.

Drink A lot of water; water is the major component of homeostasis and metabolism so when this is scarce, it results to lower efficiency of the cells. Drink a lot of water at least 6 liters daily.

Stay away from the sun; The sun’s capacity is capable of mixing the oil and dirt present on the skin which can cause skin irritations. It’s also dangerous to the skin for it sunburnt the freshness of the skin making it unpleasant as a musical artist. If you work under the sun daily get a cover or a hat.

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Avoid consuming excessive oil foods; these are the major source of pimple but many neglect such. foods enriched with oil like steamed groundnuts, chocolates, egg rolls, and so on are capable of causing pimples because 80% of their nutrients are oil. Avoid foods enriched with excessive oil.

Avoid bleaching cream; 90% percent of the victims apply bleaching cream thinking it’s the best way to get rid of a pimple. It’s never the best way for it destroys the skin layers which may cause cancer or reddening of the skin. When bleaching cream softens the skin excessively it will result in complications of the cure creating many dark spots.

Apply menthol cream or powder on the affected areas; most germs also don’t survive in a menthol environment. After the application of hot water and bathing, get a menthol powder or cream and rob them gingerly on the affect areas. Note: it must be done after the application of hot water and bathing.

Avoid constant touch on the face; sometimes people wonder how germs existence is always a dynamism on the human body, this is because of our daily activities combined with the people and even the environment. This is where germs can be contacted. After working on the ground or touching surfaces, they would stick to the hands. In a situation whereby the face is touched severely can be transferred and cause harm, especially irritations. Wash your hands several and avoid touching the face.

Eat a lot of fruits; watery fruits like watermelon, pineapple, Apple, oranges, tomatoes, cucumber, and so on are highly enriched with cellulose which can also help in metabolism. Consume enough them daily.


Don’t burst them; these are the main source of dark spots for in the process of bursting, one may cut the skin cell which will result in dark spots. If it’s so hard to burst, apply toothpaste on the spot and allow it for hours before washing them off. Preferably do it at night and wash off in the morning.