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Here Are 3 Things Men Want In A Woman


When it comes to relationships, we all know that it takes to people who are ready to leave everything behind and work together to make that relationship work. Taking a good look at ladies in a relationship, there are so many things which they are looking up to see in the man they are dating or about to date. We all know that ladies are emotional and they are too soft when it comes to hurt and that’s why they need to be handled with love, care, attention, and affection.

We all know that when it comes to a relationship there are so many things which are needed both by the ladies and the men but here we will be taking you through what the women want from their men in a relationship.

  • Happiness

We all know the feeling of being happy, it’s no doubt that when you make your woman happy she will never think of leaving you for another person, women do consider their happiness in everything they do cause they always want that man who will always keep a smile on their face no matter what happened. It’s also said that happiness brings out the love of a woman, whenever you see a woman always talk about her man, believe it or not, that man brings happiness to her life and she will always find it hard of difficult to dump or leave him.

Women never joke with their happiness, it’s one of the things they look out to in a man before accepting him, sometimes it looks strange to us on how beautiful ladies fall for ugly guys something and still stay with them, well, the simple truth there is that the happiness which they crave for is seen in the man. Happiness is one of the vital qualities ladies or women look for in a man.

  • Protection

Considering how weak ladies or women are in nature, they also want a man who will give them protection, by all means, this means they also lookout for a man who is capable of protecting them. We know how bad it will sound hearing our sister, mother or even our woman is in danger so ladies always look out for that in their man and once you’re ready to give them the protection and the above-mentioned happiness she will always love you crazily and will not even think of leaving you for any other man.

  • Caring

Women are created in a way that once you start showing them that you care so much for them gradually they will see themselves falling for you without you even knowing. Caring for women means so much to them and that is why when most of them are asked what they need in a man, their list can never be complete without them including caring.

Women are so soft and tender both emotionally and otherwise and that’s why it’s needed to always give them that caring which is required.


The list of what women want in a man didn’t end here but we decided to highlight and talk about these few ones here, we still have so many to talk about in what women want in a man but let that be in our next post.