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Five (5) simple things you can do to assimilate better


Assimilation is the ability to absorb knowledge into the mind. It’s a logical process of making new information suit into your existing world of knowledge and understanding.

For some people, assimilation is realistic considerations, like obtaining some fluency in the dominant language, educational or economic achievement, close acquaintance with country’s history, and cultural norms.

It Is also important to building good relationships with local suppliers and business partners in the foreign market. Assimilation helps you a lot as a student and, and even a worker, and improves your reading ability. Here are five (5) simple things you can do to assimilate better.


Most people tend not to understand the principle of rest and sleep. Getting enough sleep and rest increases brain function.

Improving your brain function makes a big difference to productivities. Taking a day’s break or getting some sleep won’t make you fail, or not meet your target. The truth is you’re in for your most creative thinking while resting.


Foods that contain high fatty acids and flavonoids improve brain function. Examples of such foods are eggs, walnut, leafy greens, coffee, berries, and dark chocolate, among others.

You keep your brain functioning well by eating such food first thing in the morning. Avoid junk foods, they contain a high sugar level that clusters the blood. Drinking a lot of water also helps your brain and entire body, function. So, always keep a water bottle near your desk as you prepare for success.


Taking notes while reading or making new notes is also a method of studying because you read as you write. Writing down key points helps you to assimilate better.

Taking notes also helps in writing down the keyword in the topic, outlining the complex parts which enable you to rehearse and revisit it. The act of taking notes from functioning memory helps memory formation in very capable ways.


Dr. Benjamin Carson in one of his books “THINK BIG” says letter ‘I’ in ‘BIG’ stands for in-depth learning. In-Depth Learning means learning as much as possible about a topic for the sake of knowledge and understanding itself as opposed to learning for the sake of passing a test with high grades or trying to impress people.

So, learning everything that involves the topic, getting materials, or, doing research can help you assimilate better.


Teaching others what you’ve learned and others sharing their own opinions and ideas help you memorize a topic.

It also helps you to have the chance to be corrected about things you thought are right and things you didn’t notice are wrong. It’s a platform to ask questions, get a clearer understanding of a topic. This method helps you a lot especially if you an auditory student.

Being a quick learner can give you a greater edge. Do have a great day!!!