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Davido’s hobbies


The great preeminent who Davido rose to fame with his hit single Dami Duro will ever remain an honor to Nigerian music fame having contributed to its buoyancy so far. He is also known for his ever thrilling hobbies which many listeners don’t know. If you are seeking to know his hobbies below are Davido’s hobbies.

Attending Night shows and club

The popular beast in the Afro-pop nation will always remain regretful for the present dangerous virus pandemic outbreak which had claimed a lot of souls and had stopped the world’s activities including his favorite hobby of going to so many shows and clubs almost every day in every week. Since the CEO of DMW Davido rose to an aristocracy, he had been popularly known for his ever satisfying passion for shows and night clubs. Sometimes he would rock out with the microphone, screaming his songs to the fans and listeners. It’s ever an unforgettable hobby of his which he practices almost all day.


Traveling around the whole glob having achieved his fame had been one of his key hobbies he will always regret not doing again for the moment because of the current disaster. His baby mama Amanda, proved the taste and the passion he has upon tour for he met her in the US just when he was accomplishing his hobby. The king is well known for gathering copious friends from different parts of the world which is a result of his frequent tour.

Despite his international shows, he is well known for touring willingly without any invitation just to have fun and accomplish his hobby.


Counting from his flashy cars, his luxurious houses, and many golden expensive accessories one would realize his love for luxuries. He is ever known for breaking records on the high purchase of expensive jewelry and other accessories. His 30 billion gangs and DMW medallion is worth about 80 million nairas showing his love for luxuries.

He is recognized as one of the Nigerian music Artiste whose passion for luxuries is never a joke, he can spend a huge amount of money on them. This will always remain his hobby.


Verifying his previous shows, studio records, and many more, he is always spotted with a cup of drink be it alcohol or any other thing. This shows his great love for drinks. Among many other artists, he is one of the famous music Artiste who can’t let go of a red cup of drinks, he is always spotted holding one.


Alongside P square, he is a good fan of the Chelsea football club has gone to meet them in London back in 2018 when the Chelsea football club boosted the English league. He is sometimes spotted playing in his small garden with his DMW gangs professing the love he has for football. He is a big fan of football.

Watching movies

During his interview, he mentioned watching movies as one of his hobbies which is unknown to many. He is poorly known for such having shown a lesser sign about it. It would be so nice to know that he loves movies just we all do.


It’s never a surprise of how dancing came up to one of his hobbies for his music is his life. The great boss and a father to Ifeanyi Adeleke had been showing her dancing skill via social media professing his love for it. It’s one of his hobbies.


Like his rival wizkid, he is popularly known for his love for fashion alongside luxuries which makes him look expensive each time he appears in a show or his music video. Buying a lot of Gucci products and even negotiating with them for a personal brand make had been his joy so far. You could judge through his appearance and looks daily. He is a great lover of fashion, he finds joy appearing on a different brand of clothes.

The above hobbies are the most identified and discovered Davido’s hobbies, you could now vividly know his hobbies in full.