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Big Brother Naija Season 5; Praise Nelson


Praise Nelson is a 28-year-old dancer from Enugu state. He got admission into the University of Abuja in 2010 to study Law. That same year, he was selected as one of the participants for the Maltina Dance All competition in Lagos. While he was in the competition, his school was conducting semester examinations. He came third position in the competition, but he had missed the examination.

He decided to quit Law. So, he enrolled in the Mobile Dance Academy in Jos for three years. After this, he went in to study Mass Communication so he could have a platform to pursue his career in show business. It also helped him to get a wider knowledge of public relations and advertisement. Praise started dancing in 2005, and when he graduated from secondary school in 2006, he was always dancing in church as a side hustle.

Praise is engaged to a lady called Wunmi Omoniwa, whom he proposed to in 2019. They both have a son, Jamie. Reports have it that he is in some sort of “entanglement” with Vee, Wathoni, and Ka3na in the house.

Praise is a professional dancer and a fitness instructor. Before he entered the big brother house, he worked with Ariya dance studio, Utako, Abuja, where he taught fitness and dance. He is also the dance teacher at Funtaj International school, Asokoro. He is a certified ballroom expert dancer, Zumba, hip-hop, and afro-beat cultural dancer. He majors in Latin and ballroom dance, which is an official dance for weddings and dinners.

In 2015, he won the K-pop world festival in South Korea, where he featured in the national dance competition. He came third in the competition. He believes that no matter the obstacles a man faces, he should never stop striving. He has made great waves in dancing and fitness as a trainer, but he believes there is room for more. One of his biggest achievements was when he won the 2015 K-pop world festival competition in South Africa.

One new habit he acquired during the lockdown was to make more time to read. His words to live by are, “Never stop striving for the best life can offer, it can only get better.” In the next five years, Nelson wants to own a dance, fitness, and exotic brand. He plans to go into exploring male exotic dancing.