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Big Brother Naija Season 5. Meet the Housemates


Ozoemena Chukwu hails from Imo State. He was born into the wealthy family of Mr. and Mrs. Chukwu in Enugu State, 27 years ago. He is the only son in the family of four; he has three sisters.


Ozo, as he is fondly called by friends, is a Consultant and an entrepreneur. He manages his clothing line most of the time, and he also enjoys watching documentaries, TV shows, and analyzing sports.

Ozo spent most of his young and teenage years in Imo State, where his parents have their own businesses. He studied economics at the university and graduated with a first-class degree. As at the time of entering the big brother’s house few days ago, there was no known girlfriend or partner with him.

During this lockdown, he has learnt to stay without loud music. In an interview recently, he said his greatest achievement was working for a UEFA Federation. In his words, he said, “it was a job I took great pride in and enjoyed doing”. He hopes to go into sports development after he wins the big brother Naija prize money of 85 million naira.

According to Aschoolz.com, his current net worth is $10,000. He lives by the words; ‘No boundaries with an ounce of hope’.