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Big Brother Naija Season 5; Meet Kate Jones


Kate Jones is a 26 year old entrepreneur from Rivers State. She goes by her brand name, Ka3na. She describes herself as a boss lady and a strong woman who wants more from life. She narrated her life’s experience to other housemates in the big brother house and said that she ran away from her parents’ house at the age of 15 and started working in a hotel at the age of 16.

At 19, Ka3na already had a business going, with the help of men who recognized her smartness. She met a 64-year-old old British man who loved her and built her first house for her in Port Harcourt. She married the man and they have a baby girl, Lila.

She had issues with her husband and they’re currently separated. She had to undergo plastic surgery after the birth of her child to get back in shape. Ka3na says she prefers to date older men because they’re the ones that can give her what she wants as a boss lady.

Despite revealing that she was once married, she said she has never been in love. She married her husband because he was her best friend and she respects him. When asked if she has plans to hook up with someone else, she said she needs a companion, someone whom she can share her problems and success with.

Katrina said she is in the big brother house for the fame, not for the money, she says money is not her problem right now. According to her, she has many properties and a mini estate in Port Harcourt. She recently bought a house in Lagos where she stays before coming to the big brother’s house.

She has travelled all over the world and presently deals in luxury brands, but she wants to expand her horizon and make more customers and followers. Her new habit during the lockdown was to sleep naked and read the Bible. Her words to live by are, “Do everything for the life you want and live every day for the life you love”. Her biggest achievements are her several properties and her daughter.