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Big Brother Naija Season 5; Meet Florence Wathoni Anyansi


Florence Wathoni Anyansi is a 29-year-old fashion entrepreneur. She graduated from the University of Lagos, where she studied sociology. She juggles between a fashion business and a parenting blog. She is bilingual and speaks and writes in Swahili fluently.

Wathoni is a music lover and her plan for the big brother’s house is to bring up all the fun in the house. She also seeks to find love. In a chat with Lolo Cynthia, Wathoni revealed that she was 23 and a virgin when she got pregnant. She said that she was dating a guy, who was always turned on by the sight of her vagina but they never had penetrative sex.

To her shock, she discovered she was five  pregnant. Her mother didn’t believe her when she told her she was pregnant until she showed her the pregnancy strip test.

According to Wathoni, she had to be cut during delivery because she still did not have sex even after she confirmed that she was pregnant. She gave birth to a 4.3kg baby. Her words to live by are, “You are unstoppable, you have not come this far to stop now.” Her new lockdown habit is that she started eating chocolates more than usual, praying with the rosary three to five times, and a lot of thinking. Her greatest achievements are providing for her son, being chosen to work in Julius Berger when she was an undergraduate, and giving birth to a 4.3kg baby.