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Benefits of Listening to Good Music


Music has a way of improving people’s mental wellbeing and physical health. It raises your IQ and makes your mind sharper. Music communicates human feelings regardless of the listener’s culture and ethnic background.

Here are some scientifically proven truths that show you why you should listen to music, and good ones at that.

1. Music Enhances Running Performance

Runners like to listen to music while running because it improves their ability. A study shows that runners who listened to music while running completed their first 800 metres faster than those who ran without music.

2. Music makes you happy

The brain releases a happy hormone known as dopamine when you listen to music. There’s a way good music just makes you happy and bubbling.

3. Music Elevates your mood while driving

Ever wondered why drivers like to listen to music while driving? Most people only know that they enjoy it. But, what music actually does is that it helps your mood and keeps you concentrated while driving. Music helps to positively impact your mood and leads to safe driving.

4. Music Strengthens Memory and Learning

Researchers have it that music can help you learn faster and recall information better. Music helps to strengthen your learning and memory. Students are known to play music while studying, and they retain information faster this way. While for some, it is a disturbance, but for most people, it helps them to learn better.

5. Music Helps to Lower Stress

Listening to music is one recommended way to rest and ease off stress. Music decreases the level of the stress hormone called cortisol. Your body’s immune system gets boosted when you listen to music. It helps to calm you down amidst stress and helps in the healing process too. To stay calm and healthy on a stressful day, be sure to listen to some good music, tap your feet, and sing along. It works like magic.

6. Music Increases Verbal Intelligence

A study showed that after one month of music lessons with children of ages 4 to 6, a good percentage of them improved their ability to understand words and explain their meanings. Musically trained people outperform those who aren’t when it comes to taking a verbal memory test. Music boosts your IQ and in turn, your verbal intelligence.

7. Music Helps You to Sleep Better

People who listen to music few minutes before bedtime or during bedtime sleep better than those who slept listening to nothing. Music soothes the mind and soul, calms your nerves, and makes you relax well. You sleep sound like a baby when you play soft music while you sleep. Berthold Auerbach says, ‘Music washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life’. And when the dust is washed away, you sleep better.

8. Music Reduces Depression

Depression is a thing of the mind and soul. It can lead to loss of sleep and some other health challenges. Music helps to reduce depression, in that you sleep well and it helps in the healing process. Out of 90% of people who experience depression, research has it that it reduces greatly in those who listen to good music.

9. Music helps you eat less

Research has shown that the combination of soft lighting and good music makes you eat less food. So if you’re out on improving your diet, you should go for good music as the remedy. ‘There’s a friendly tie of some sort between music and eating’ – Thomas Hardy.

10. Music relaxes patients before and after surgery

Researchers have found out that listening to music before surgery helps to calm the patient. It reduces anxiety. Doctors have observed that music is more effective than administering Midazolam, a medication given to patients going for surgery which has side effects of coughing and vomiting.

Studies also show that listening to music helps patients to relax well after surgery. If you or anyone close to you is going in for surgery, be sure to bring some soothing music along, it works better than meds and has no side effects.

11. Music reduces pain

Research has found out that music therapy and pre-recorded music help to reduce pain, even more than standard medical treatments. Music decreases pain in cancer patients, in intensive care patients and in geriatric care patients. Bob Marley said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”. Rather, it reduces the pain you already have.

I have given you more than enough reasons to listen to good music, what are you waiting for?