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Benefit boys trending


You probably have been seeing and hearing about “Benefit Boys” on WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram. And you wonder what it means especially now that it has become viral. Recently, a lot of people, especially teenagers have been posting “Benefit Boys” alongside phones, exotic cars and other luxurious items.

It became more viral after some secondary school boys gave their teacher a lift with a car and chased him out. They had initially accepted to drop him home, but along the way, they stopped on the way and asked him to get down. They made a short skit of this and posted it on social media.

While schools were on lockdown and other students were forced to stay at home, Benefit Boys used the opportunity to make lots of money. Lots of money in that they resumed school with a Benz car that costs a lot of money.

Benefits, as defined by a source, refers to the money paid to the unemployed people in the US. Other sources say it can also refer to the relief money for citizens for Covid-19. Benefit Boys are young boys who siphon the funds from the US through an app called “Cash App”. With this App, users can create a free account that allows them to instantly send or receive money from other users within the same country.

This report is not totally true, and might be wrong as it’s based majorly on hearsays and speculations. Reactions to the activities of the Benefit Boys has kept Twitter busy for several hours and days. However, few hours after the video was released, the Benefit boys said they were comedians. The boys said, ” we no be benefit boys, we be comedians. The only benefit boys I know is bank beneficiary.”

Below are some of the reactions:

Principal flog #benefitsboys girlfriends they come vex carry him wife go coldstone for chilling.

#benefitsboys crys out on Instagram Live that they’re not #benefitsboys as claim by many. Thus, this is ridiculous.

@housethepartyng –benefitsboys everywhere. I would like to see what the Uni benefit boys will do when they resume.

@OdigieWisdom1 – #benefit boys enter staff room tell introtech teacher make he write name of nonsense maker.

@jasper_Dmw_ – Omo #benefitsboys dey smoke weed for school, principal say make teachers leave them say na High School.

@boombastia – #benefitsboys ask French teacher maybe hin fit help them follow their French client reason.

@justdoit9ja_ – #benefitsboys don wire 500k to principal. They won turn the school to cyber Cafe clients dey wait.

@i_talk_anyhow – #benefitsboys don turn teacher to baby.

@weirdKingsley – Benefit boy smash teacher Android for ground , talk say the phone dey remind him of his poor beginning.

@Teeklefff – Principal go flog benefit boy, the following day principal dey receive call from lawyer say dem don buy him school.

@ephraem_ – Small truth and dare one benefit boy don enter Hall during PTA meeting go comot meat pie from principal table.

@_donbabs_ – #benefitsboys host party, principal na DJ