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BBNaija: My net-worth, bank account is bigger than all housemates – Kiddwaya


Big brother Naija 2020 housemate and current HOH, Kiddwaya boasts that his networth cannot be compared with any of the housemates in the show. Kiddwaya is the son of a billionaire, Terry Waya. He made this statement while talking to Erica one night during their conversation. He says he doesn’t take whatever other people do to him in the house serious, because he knows he can’t be compared to him, there would be issues if he responds.

In his words, he said, “I know what I have outside; my net worth cannot be compared with them outside here. Nobody compares. They don’t compare to me, not like I’m bragging or something but, my net worth, my bank account don’t compare to them.” He also made a comment to the whole house saying he will remain in the house as the HOH, while some others will be evicted.

However, the following night, he apologized to them saying his comments were “quite insensitive but wasn’t an attack on anybody.”

In other news, Erica and Prince reveals what happens inside the house during their diary session with the big brother. During the start of the week, Big brother gave the full charge of the house to Kiddwaya, and other housemates were already wondering who would run the diary room. Then, on Thursday, they all agreed to be each other’s “biggie”, such that they would pick names randomly from a box, and whoever anyone chooses will be his or her ” biggie”.

After the random picking, Erica chose Wathoni as her biggie, and considering what had happened between them before, it wasn’t funny. Erica opened up to Wathoni saying she saw her father on social media, and that she has never met the man in real life. Then she apologized to her for the insult she gave him when he called her a single mother. She also said she was raised by a single mother.

Prince chose Erica as his own biggie, and he told her that if he had the opportunity to break up any couple in the house, that he would break up Erica’s and Kiddwaya’s relationship. He said their relationship would end up in premium tears, because Kiddwaya was just infatuated with Erica, and he (Prince) admires her.

During his own diary session, Trickytee said he would choose Dorothy if he could choose any lady in the house. He said he would have picked Wathoni but the problem was that she was too emotional.