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BBNaija 2020: The Kuda Bank Task


It was another fun day for the housemate today as they had another task to complete from Kuda Bank. The task was about Kuda Break Free Games. The task was divided into two activities, and the HOH briefed them about the tasks. The first part of the task is “Break Free Skit”, while the second part is “Break Free Game.”


They had to divide themselves into three groups for the task.

Team Free Bank Transfers

Team No Funny Charges

Team Free ATM card

To know their teams, the housemates took turns in picking a card out of a box that has the cards with the team names. Whatever card they picked was the team they fall in. The teams and the members were as follows:

Team Free Bank Transfers: Lucy, Laycon, Ozo, and Nengi.

Team No Funny Charges: Brighto, Erica, Vee, Wathoni, and Kiddwaya.

Team Free ATM Card: Trickytee, Neo, Dorothy, Prince, and Tolanibaj.

After they were divided into groups, they had two hours to complete the first tasks, after this, they were to gather at the garden to make their presentations. Each of them was given a backpack that contained their Kuda Bank merchandise and the costumes they had to wear to present their tasks. After the first tasks, the housemates had to wait for further instructions from biggie.

For their presentation skits, all team’s showcased their banking related plays, and they did beyond just normal, they had put in their best in preparation and it was apparent in their presentation. Team Free ATM Card won the Break Free skit which was the first part of the activities.

The second activity was for three members of each team to untie three knots in a rope described as “banking challenges” with one hand. After the nature of the task was explained to them, the tasks took place concurrently within 20 minutes. Again, Team Free ATM Card won the Break Free Games. The members of the team, Neo, Trickytee, Prince, Tolanibaj, and Dorothy won the sum of one million naira.

As such, each of them would get two hundred thousand naira each. The other two teams, Team Free Bank Charges and Team No Funny Charges were also rewarded with one million naira, and each of the members would get N111,111 each. Their rewards would be posted in their Kuda Bank accounts.

Though the housemates had fun in their tasks today, Friday night wasn’t so good for Kiddwaya and Erica. During a private conversation, Kidd told Erica that he would prefer them to be just friends. He had to make this statement when Erica accused him of not respecting her as a lover and a fellow housemate. He doesn’t want to hurt her anymore and decided to call it quits.

However, Kidd told her that they could still be friends all the same. Their relationship had been seen as the strongest in the house, but it seems it wasn’t strong enough to stand the test of time.

After their breakup, Laycon had to clear the air about his relationship with Erica. We can imagine what Erica would be going through now as both her boyfriend and “substitute boyfriend” broke up with her within a week. Laycon told her that he still cares for her and will always do, but he wants them to just remain friends as it will be best for both of them. He said he wasn’t happy with the fact that Erica always comes back to him whenever she has issues with Kidd.

In his words, he said,

“I still care about you and don’t want you to leave. Maybe at a point in our lives, I will have a chance to show that to you, but for now, it still has to be the way it is. If I care about you, I care about you and that’s how it’s going to be until you make me stop feeling that way.”

He says he just wants to focus on the show for now.

Ozo and Nenji are also resolving their own relationship issues. On Friday night, Ozo was seen pecking Dorothy, and unfortunately, his lover, Nenji saw them and wasn’t happy about it. Vee called Ozo’s attention and advice him to apologise to Nenji, which he did.

He was seen apologizing to her earlier today in a conversation. He said,

I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done this week. Me pecking Dora is something I’ve done since week 2 every time she’s feeling bad. This week has had the best and worst times. You’re one of the best people I have in my life right now. You’re one of the most important people in my life. You mean so much to me. I haven’t felt this way about someone in the longest time. I don’t know how to stay mad at you and I don’t know how to take it when I’ve done something wrong.

We hope Nengi forgives him, as this apology is so heart-touching. But no girl would be happy seeing her lover pecking someone else, right?