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BBNaija 2020: Laycon, Nengi and Vee Wins BBNaija Johnnie Walker Wager Task (September 1)


On the 1st of September, the housemates received a task from Johnnie Walker. Johnnie Walker is the most widely distributed brand of Scotch Whiskey in the world. The housemates were divided into teams based on the four favorite Johnnie Walker brands to compete for a grand prize The task was split into three parts, as they were to represent their favorite brands of Johnnie Walker in the task.

The first part was for the housemates to watch a video based on the history of Johnnie Walker. The second part was to paint the standing man assigned to each team, and they were to wait to know the third task. They were definitely having fun with the task as they danced out of the storeroom, dragging their suitcases with them. The jumpsuits looked fresh in them as they waited for the task performance and presentation.

The housemates were divided into the following teams

Team Red label: Lucy and Prince

Team white walker: Dorathy, Neo and Ozo

Team black label: Kiddwaya, Trickytee, and Erica

Team Gold label: Laycon, Vee and Nengi

The first activity was Whiskey Wisdom quiz game. They were allowed to watch a video to get the information needed for the quiz, then they had 30 minutes to process the information, before heading to the Arena to test their knowledge on the newly acquired information. They were asked a total of 20 questions. A member of the team would display a flashcard with the option selected to answer each question. They were not allowed to change their answers and each correct answer was with a point.

While they continued the game, Biggie had to change the way they displaced the flashcards when he suspected foul play. He asked them to hold it to their chest, instead of holding it above their heads.

The next stage was for them to paint the Johnnie Walker Striding Man. The housemates had earlier practiced by working on a paper to make the drawing before the task of painting the statue. It wasn’t an easy task for them but preparation and effort made it easier. With each team member taking up a particular painting role, they were able to beat the time of 90 minutes set for the competition.

After the painting, the teams were given 5 minutes each to share the inspiration behind the colors they used for their painting. They also used his clothing to represent how fashionable he was. Team Red Label said they picked the colors because it reflected where Johnnie Walker was from and the time he came from. Team White Walker said they wanted to show the configuration of the brand labels and the different variants. Team Black Label represented what the brand represents and how flamboyant and elegant Johnnie was. While Team Gold Label decided to tell a story of the Scottish origin of the brand and the journey of the brand before it came to Nigeria.

For the last task which was ‘Highball collections’, they went to the bar to get their cocktail collections and recipes. Only two members of each team performed this task, the others stood back and acted as judges.

Biggie was so observant as he noticed that some teams were looking to make their drinks easily identifiable by fellow teammates who were to be the judges. Especially Team Gold Label, they arranged a means such that they put a lemon in their drink so that their representative, Laycon, will be able to see it and thereby get a bigger mark. Biggie immediately warned them not to try it. But as soon as they finished the cocktails, the teammates acting as judges were called to taste and give marks.

The results are as follows:

Team Gold Label – 91.6 points

Team White Walker – 65.6 points

Team Red Label – 68.3 points

Team Black Label – 65 points

Team Gold Label (Laycon, Vee, and Nengi) won the task and were rewarded with one million naira each and an all-expense-paid trip to the home of Johnnie Walker in Scotland. When the results were announced, the three of them were seen hugging each other in the living room. Fans have been singing Laycon’s praises for this win and the trip to Scotland. He has been trending on social media since the results were announced.

A lot of people also could not ignore the fact that it was Erica who announced the results, despite her grudges with Laycon. Laycon seemed to have won the hearts of more fans with this recent win as Twitter and other social media have been bubbling with congratulatory messages for him. A unique hashtag was created for him as they hailed him. Some said it was a way of vindication for him to win the prize, and that it was his ‘enemy’ who announced the results.

However, while they were preparing for the task, Lucy got offended when she gave a suggestion and it was rejected, and she neglected the other housemates. Dorothy chastised her for walking out on them and advised that she should learn to separate her personal feelings from wager challenges. Dorothy and Lucy have been known to be friends in the house, but it seems this might affect their relationship.

Lucy got offended and walked out on them, and went to sleep. Dorothy spoke some sense into her and told her not to always take things personally. Dorathy made her realize that she wasn’t the only one whose ideas were turned down. She further mentioned that her own ideas too were turned down and she didn’t take it badly. In her words, Dorathy said, “If you make a suggestion and they say no, it’s not personal. For any reason, it’s not personal, so you need to know how to separate them.”