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BBNaija 2020: Kiddwaya wins BBNaija Betway Friday Arena Games for week 6


This week’s getaway arena game was dedicated to the military which are our everyday hero. The game was based on basic military training techniques and drilling. The housemates were to complete all the steps within 3 minutes, and were to follow the rules of the game strictly, as any breach of the full will attract adding 10 more seconds to the final time of the housemate.

The game seemed a little easy for the guys as many of them finished their task within 30 seconds. However, the ladies had challenges with the physical steps of the game. But at the end, all the housemates were able to complete the game within the given 3 minutes.


The results are as follows:

Erica- 42seconds

Ozo- 29seconds

Nengi- 38seconds

Prince- 27seconds

Trickytee- 32seconds

Dorothy 1:11seconds

Wathoni- 56seconds

Neo- 30seconds

Laycon- 29seconds

Lucy- 46seconds

Brighto- 38seconds

Vee- 56seconds

Kiddwaya- 25seconds

Tolanibaj- 42seconds

At the end of the task, Kiddwaya came first with the fastest time of 25seconds. Prince emerged 2nd, Laycon, 3rd, and Ozo came 4th position. Big brother promised to reward him with a special gift on Monday.

The results of the Thursday Wager task was announced after the Friday betway arena game, as promised by Biggie. The wager task involved the housemates making an art piece of their superhero and sharing the story behind their painting. Some of the housemates left each other teary as they shared their stories.

Some chose their dad as their superhero, while some their mum, and the others chose their relatives as their hero, with captivating and emotional stories behind their paintings. The results came out with Kiddwaya as the winner. It was a double win for him as he already won the wager task for the week.

While proclaiming the winner, Big brother commended the housemates for putting in their best in the wager challenge, and also emphasized that most of their art piece matched with the stories they shared. With this win, the housemates have now doubled their BB coins which they can use for luxury shopping for the week.

Fans are beginning to predict the housemate that will be evicted for week 6 on Sunday. Voting had been on since Monday and ended on Thursday at 10pm. 12 of the housemates are placed on possible eviction for this week, exempting the Head of House, Ozo, and his deputy, Nengi.

In other news, Kiddwaya warns Erica that it is risky to love a guy like him. During a private conversation, Kidd made Erica understand that he is a busy person and that he may not have time for her after the show. He said, “I just think loving a guy like me is a bit risky”. And when Erica asked for an explanation, he replied that he’s all over the place. As they continued talking, Erica also added that she would be busy too and both of them have their different lives to live.

She said love is supposed to be based on trust, which she doesn’t have for Kiddwaya. She had already affirmed to Kidd that she doesn’t trust him, and he told her to do whatever she wants, since it’s obvious she doesn’t love him either. The duo had been the most popular couple in the big brother house, and never hid their love for each other. It seems this is about to end, but we hope not.

Relationships in the house are beginning to hit the rock, as Prince stated in a conversation with Wathoni said that Nengi is always upset whenever he was doing well. He told Wathoni that he would have to confront Nengi because he noticed she was always upset when he’s doing well. He said he would confront her later in the show or outside the house to know the reason.

He said, “Maybe, probably, at one point, I might ask Nengi what’s up with her attitude towards me, but now, I don’t feel the need to. Probably, when we leave the house, because I feel like everything will be different by the time we leave the house.”

Wathoni answered him saying probably Nengi does not want to come close to him to avoid Nengi boyfriend, Ozo getting angry. But Prince stood on the ground that he had never done anything wrong to her or with her.

He said, “No, I didn’t do anything to her, there was a point I started noticing stuff like, you know, we play games, the arena games. When I’m doing well and I turn to look at everybody hailing me, but if I look at her, she’ll be pissed.”