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BBNaija 2020: Kaisha gives reasons for her eviction


On Sunday, August 16, 2020, Kaisha became the fifth housemate to be evicted from the big brother Naija lockdown show. In an interview with a media personality after the eviction, she said she wasn’t surprised at the eviction, because she believed the other housemates did not like her. She had so much to say about her stay in the house.

She made mention of the first time she had her diary session in the house, and she told the big brother amidst tears that the housemates were fake. She said the expectation she had of the house was way different from what she actually experienced. In her words, she said,

At a point, I was bothered because I wanted to be understood, but the housemates didn’t want to understand me.

Kaisha said even if she had the chance to go back to the house, that she wouldn’t change anything, she would still go on being herself. She said probably the housemates saw her as a threat because she was being herself, and this might have been why she got evicted from the house.

They can’t stand the heat, and they had to let me go. If I had one more week in the house, I would have won the show.

She says most of the romantic relationships in the house are not real, but are only techniques to win the show. She also mentioned that Erica chose Kiddwaya over Laycon because of his financial status. When asked who would win the BBN show, she said she would vote for Dorothy, because she was being her true self.

However, she didn’t deny the fact that being on the show has changed her life and experiences. She reflected that a lot has changed since she left the house, she could no longer walk freely on the streets without being interrupted by fans.

Honestly, so much has changed! I used to walk on the streets without caring if anyone is looking, but now, I can’t. I’m now famous!!!

Talking about her plans for her her business, she said she would try to go back to the studio as unprofessional musician. She also said she would like to go into acting, aside running her skin care brand, “Kaisha Luxury Skin Care.”

Finally, she said she would just go with “whatever life brings”, as she wouldn’t want to mount too much pressure on herself. She also debunked the lies that she kissed Neo in the bathroom, and also masturbated.

In other news, Tolanibaj confronted Prince on Friday night about the changes in their relationship. These two had been lovers since Prince proclaimed his love to Tolanibaj, and she didn’t hesitate before agreeing to the relationship.

However, Tolanibaj confronted Prince and accused him of not putting enough effort into the relationship, but is only using her as a strategy. She said she knows she’s a prize on the outside, and would not take half of what she’s taking in the house.
During their conversation, she said,

I know you’re Mr. Nigeria, but housemates even notice that we’re not close anymore. Your energy is not there. It feels like you’re using me as a strategy.

Prince, however, replied that he wasn’t using her as a strategy, and would never use anyone’s feelings to win the show.

Prince assured her,

Being with you is not a strategy, and I would not do such on national TV. You’re misunderstanding me. The last thing I’ll want to do is use someone’s emotion as strategy to play a game on national TV. It’s more of a damage to me than to you. I understand how you feel. I’m doing a lot of things wrong and not familiar with your love language, but I’ll do better,