Home Entertainment BBNaija 2020: “I am confident I’ll win the BBNaija” – Erica

BBNaija 2020: “I am confident I’ll win the BBNaija” – Erica


Erica Nlewedim, one of the BBNaija lockdown show housemates has said she believes she has what it takes to win the game. She’s so confident that she’ll win, and we hope her confidence will not be shattered. In her words, she said, “I believe I can win because I am good enough. I don’t think I am better than anyone nor are they better than me. I just think I am good enough.”

Time will tell who will eventually win the game, as the game seems to be getting tense with each day passing by. Do you think Erica actually has what it takes to win?

However, Kaisha, one of the evicted housemates does not think Erica has what it takes to win. She predicted that Laycon will win the show. But we can’t rely on her prediction, as she had already earlier predicted that Dorathy will win, and now she’s changing her mind. According to her, she said she had to change her mind after watching the show from home. She said Dorathy is real and consistent, but Laycon has more fans voting for him, so he has more chances of winning than Dorathy.

In her words, she said, “Based on when I was in the house, I felt like Dorathy will win. Dorothy was someone that was real, from day one, she didn’t change. This is a reality show and she was consistent in being the Dorathy I know. So, I felt like she should win. But when I got evicted and saw the ‘icons’, I realized that Laycon is really giving them got outside. I think he will win.”

We can only keep our fingers crossed and enjoy the show while it lasts, we’ll eventually get to see who wins.

In other news, last night, Laycon, Nengi, and Vee were caught discussing this week’s eviction as three of them have been nominated. Nenji and Vee were confident that they’ll survive the eviction, and Laycon agreed with them. He also thanked the two beautiful ladies for having crossed paths with him and making his stay in the house worthwhile. He said, “regardless of everything, I’m happy I met you guys.”

It won’t be a nice experience to separate these housemates anytime soon, but it’s a game and there can only be one winner, so there will always be an eviction. But, as much as Laycon can say he’s happy to have met these two women in the house, he can’t say much of Erica. Erica, while discussing with Kiddwaya, told him that Laycon was her enemy. It shouldn’t be surprising though, as she nominated him for eviction for this week.

They were talking about the ‘Ayo game’ they played earlier and she said she was happy to have won Kiddwaya. However, she was asked if she had played with Laycon also, and she replied that she doesn’t play with her enemies. She said, “What is my business with him? I don’t play with my enemies. I don’t talk to him.”

It is no news that Erica and Laycon haven’t been flowing well since heir relationship went downside. Especially when Laycon said that Erica tried to kiss him several times, Erica vowed never to talk to him again. She said she doesn’t want to be associated with someone she’s not attracted to.

Vee has obviously been keeping something inside towards Erica since the wager challenge, and she said Erica cannot do anything on her own as a leader without Kidd’s involvement. She said she cannot perform well as the HOH without Kiddwaya being in charge. According to her, this is why other housemates are finding it difficult to cooperate with her system of leadership in the house.

In a private conversation with Laycon, Vee said, “we are always cooperative when Ozo is HOH because he is diplomatic, but Erica, on the other hand, leans on Kiddwaya to get things done. That was the reason I got pissed during the rehearsal.” Lay on, however, told her to be nice to Erica. She told her to change her attitude towards Erica so that the competition can go on smoothly.

Vee had Erica had not been in good terms since Erica’s conversation with Tolanibaj about her feelings for Neo got leaked, and she told Ebuka that she was the one who advised Tolanibaj to go after Neo because she doesn’t care about Vee.

Laycon told Vee,

Everything is trying to fuck you up this week, but please don’t be unruly and participate in the wager task. I know the Sunday issue with Erica and her winning the HOH is getting to you, but you need not be unruly. Act yourself not because Erica is in charge. I know you are a wonderful person, but regardless of what other people have done, just be you and don’t be unruly.