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BBNaija 2020: Housemates Diary Session for Week 6 As Biggie Returns



With the return of biggie in the house, they can be sure that their diary sessions will be about the mistakes they made while he was away. Biggie’s return has been with a lot of fireworks, and his first diary session with the housemates was more. Below is what the housemates had to say during their diary sessions.


He revealed that he is amazed to still be in the house. He also said that he noticed that no one has found love in the house, because true love has to be tested, and that can only happen when they leave the big brother’s house.


He told biggie how much he missed him, and also stated that he was feeling good about this week. He also told biggie that his eviction votes went to Wathoni and Trickytee, because he felt emotionally close to Praise and Vee.


She reiterated to big brother how she had an emotional night saying goodbye to Praise, but says she is better now. She also mentioned that her eviction votes went to Vee and Trickytee because she sees them as a competition.


She shared with biggie that she is happy to still be around in the house, and that she is taking every day as it comes. She also raised her concern over the Wagers privileges they lost due to issues that came up from her team members and not from her.


She shared with big brother that she would be the best version of herself to help the other housemates not lose their Wagers anymore. She also said she believed that Vee has found love in the house.


She said she was still feeling awful after having her fate sit in the hands of the other housemates, as she survived the fiction nomination last week. She said the reason they lost their Wagers was because of some of the housemates’ disobedience to rules.


He said he was feeling good, and excited to be trying painting in the house. He also assured biggie that as from now, he would caution his fellow housemates to avoid losing any more Wagers.


Neo told biggie that is always grateful, and also said that his mother was going to be the subject of his Wager painting. He also said he believed the housemates have to work on themselves, as this was the reason they were losing their Wagers.


  1. He said his eviction we’re for Praise and Vee. Vee, because she was no independent enough of Neo, and Praise, because they were not on the same level, and that his jokes were always hurtful to other housemates.


He shared with biggie that he is taking every new week in the house as a fresh start. On eviction votes, his votes were for Praise and Trickytee. He didn’t choose Vee and Wathoni, because Vee was his friend, and he felt that sickness didn’t allow Wathoni to show her best self in the past weeks.


She explained that she is glad not to have a stood for any eviction yet, and that she is not looking for love in the house. She also said that her eviction votes went to Vee and Wathoni because she feels they would have voted for her if the tables were turned.


She shared that standing for eviction for the last two weeks had taken a toll on her, but she still feels good. She said she feels that Vee and Neo may have found love in the house, but she can’t say such for the others.


She told biggie that she was going to remind the housemates to do good this week to avoid getting strikes and losing Wagers. She said her eviction votes went to Vee and Praise. Bee, because she knew the other housemates wouldn’t vote for her so she was safe, and Praise because he had to go as she would have to have Trickytee and Wathoni stick around.