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BBNaija 2020: Erica wins Head of House for week 7, picks Prince as deputy


The Head of House challenge for this week began with biggie giving the rules guarding the game. The HOH for last week, Ozo, is not permitted to partake in the challenge and he cannot be chosen as deputy either. Kiddwaya, who was on punishment by big brother cannot also participate for the next two weeks, so he didn’t participate in the game today.

Erica has finished her own punishment for the strikes she was given by biggie for breaking the head of house rules. She was therefore eligible to participate in this week’s challenge. And it seemed luck was on her side, as she eventually won the Head of House for week 7.

The housemates were given two minutes to complete the 30 steps challenge. The challenge was upgraded this time around as big brother added more obstacles to the game which the housemates must overcome to progress in the game. Nengi started the game, but we could not make it past step 10 before her time was up.

The added obstacles were a real challenge to all the housemates. The results were as follows:

Nengi – Step 7

Trickytee – Step 6

Neo – Step 9

Prince – Step 9

Vee – Step 9

Lucy – Step 19

Erica – Step 29

Dorothy – Step 3

Laycon – Step 28

Laycon was so close to being the winner, but Erica was ahead of him by a step and she became the winner of the Head of House challenge. She picked Prince as her deputy HOH. He will also be able to enjoy the privileges of the head of house, with unlimited access to the big brother luxury lounge.

By reason of winning the HOH, Erica and her deputy, Prince would be exempted from eviction for the week. Erica picked Kiddwaya as her Head of House guest, but biggie told her that Kiddwaya is banned from enjoying the big brother lounge, so she picked Trickytee instead. Prince chose Dorothy as his own guest.

Each of the housemate was asked to nominate two other housemates for possible eviction for this week, they were called into the diary room to name the housemates, and here are the nominations:

Lucy – Nengi and Trickytee

Dorothy – Vee and Laycon

Laycon – Trickytee and Lucy

Kiddwaya – Lucy and Trickytee

Nengi – Lucy and Laycon

Trickytee – Lucy and Laycon

Veer Trickytee and Dorothy

Ozo – Lucy and Kiddwaya

Prince – Nengi and Ozo

Neo – Kiddwaya and Lucy

Erica -Vee and Laycon

Six of the housemates, Lucy, Laycon, Trickytee, Kiddwaya, Nengi, and Vee were placed on possible eviction from the nomination results. Erica and Prince were exempted from the eviction nomination, being the head of house and deputy respectively.