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BBNaija 2020: Erica blasted Lucy over performance at the Pepsi Challenge


On Wednesday, the housemates had fun at the Pepsi singing and dancing challenge, where Trickytee and Ozo won a free trip to Dubai and one million naira each. The housemates were grouped into teams for the challenge, and Lucy and Kiddwaya (Erica’s lover) were in the same team. During the singing competition, Kiddwaya did his best to ensure victory for his team, but it seemed Lucy forgot her lines of the song.

Erica wondered why Lucy went about complaining about her teammate, Kiddwaya to the other housemates and ended up forgetting lyrics of the song on stage. She (Erica) said Lucy was found of making other people feel bad all in the name of speaking her mind. In a conversation with Tolanibaj about the incident, she sounded angry and said, “That was very rude of her. What kind of stuff is that? It doesn’t make sense. She qadtwd all the time complaining about Kidd, shouting, ‘have you seen me dancing? Have you seen me dancing before?’ And after everything, she didn’t sing sh*t on stage.”

“How can she spend hours complaining about Kidd? That was very ride of her and went on stage and messed up.” Erica was obviously speaking put of love for Kidd, and wouldn’t accept nonsense towards him from anyone. She also had a clash with Nengi, who was seen sitting on Kiddwaya’s laps. The two ladies had never been in agreement since the show started and may never be friends.

After the recent Indomie task presentation they had, the housemates staged a comedy which involved Kidd as Nengi’s husband. During the acting, Nengi moved over to where Kidd was, and confidently sat on his laps with Erica being there. Erica felt irritated and it showed on her face that she wasn’t pleased with the action, but Nengi could care less.

However, on Thursday morning, during a conversation with Kidd, Erica told him that she was just settling with him because there was no other option for her in the house. She told Ozo that there was nothing going on between her and Kidd, except friendship. It is no news that Ozo is attracted to the Bayelsa-born housemate, and monitors all her moves with jealousy. Though Nengi already said she wasn’t in for any relationship in the house, she still wanted Ozo to know that there was nothing between her and Kidd.

Prince asserted his sadness over being paired with Nengi for the Pepsi challenge. They were paired together to perform a song from Tiwa save during the challenge, but Prince was not pleased with his teammate. They both forgot their lyrics on stage, and their presentation was not too coordinated.

However, the team still won the puzzle task. They were both rewarded with an all-expense paid trip to Dubai to the One Africa Music Festival. Probably, Prince thought if he was paired with someone else, he would have won the singing competition. While in a conversation with Ozo, he told him that he wasn’t always lucky with teammates when it comes to pairing.

Taking a spy at Erica’s Instagram page, it was gathered that her followers has greatly increased above 460k. Laycon was the first 2020 housemate to be verified on Instagram, and Erica has also joined the gang. Erica is one of the most talked about female housemates in the show. She was recently tipped that she was going to make it to the show’s grand finale. She has often entertained her fans with her beauty and romantic relationship with billionaire housemate, Kiddwaya, although she denies that there was something going on between them.

In other news, after the Pepsi task challenge where the housemates were to perform a song by any ambassador they chose, and Erica and Neo chose Burna Boy as their ambassador. They performed his song “On the Low” and made a great performance. Neo even went the extra mile of wearing a wig that resembles Burna Boy’s locks. It seemed Burna Boy was so thrilled with the performance that he disclosed that he might contact the team (Erica and Neo) to perform in his upcoming musical video.

The Wager task for week 6 took place on Thursday night and the task was for the housemates to make an art piece of their super hero. The task started with Erica paving the way. The art pieces were judged based on the story behind it, and the results would be announced by Biggie on Friday night.

The housemates had to tell the house what inspired the art piece, who it is dedicated to, and why they see the person as a superhero. There was no timing for the presentation, but the HOH could determine the length of individual presentation. The more personal and creative each individual presentation was, the more likely to win their Wager. Ozo coordinated the show, and Lucy was the host of the show which took place in the Lounge.

Individuals who chose their mothers as their hero were asked to present first, and they had to be as free as possible to tell their story the best way they can. Those who chose their mothers as their heroes were Wrica, Trickytee, Lucy, Nengi, and Vee.

Erica told an optional story of how her mother raised her as a single mum, providing her with the best things of life and resources. She showed so much affection and emotion while sharing her story. Lucy said her mother was dead, but she owed her strengths and business mind to her aunty, who stood as her second mother. Vee talked about her mother’s sacrificial nature towards the family, and she can’t wait to reward her.

Trickytee got the housemates and fans emotional as he disclosed how his mother was the only one that comes through for him, even when things are rough. Brighto started his own presentation with the popular Dolly Parton’s “Coat of many colours”, and he talked about his mother’s sacrifices to give him a good life. Nengi lost her parents at a young age, but gave a touching story of how supportive her mother was before she died. While rounding up her presentation, she said, ” I love you so much wherever you are.”

The presentation then moved to those who chose their father as their hero. Kiddwaya started with the father’s appreciation story, and told the house of the amazing qualities of his dad, and how he taught him everything great he knew in life, from how to help others to how to have a good time in your journey in life. He learnt a lot from his father. Ozo kept thanking his father for instilling the nature of love and discipline in him. He narrated a story that changed his life as the moment brought him back to reality and reminded him on why be would never disappoint his father. He said, “I hope I can be 70% the man that you are, dad.”

Neo describes himself as a broke boy from a rich house. He told the house about his large family and how the number of children never stopped his father from being there in their lives, and instilled discipline in all his children. Laycon talked about how his late dad had hard times on earth. His art piece was a representation of his dad’s hands looking over him. He sees his mum as his hero, but he wanted to use the opportunity to give a tribute to his late dad.

Prince talked about what it feels like to live in royalty and still remain disciplined and focused. He owes this to his father as he sends across a love and appreciative message to his father for all he does for him and the village. He said with a grateful heart, “Thank you, dad for every time you cautioned me and every time you beat me to show me the right way.”

The last leg was for those who chose relatives as their hero. Starting with Dorathy, she talked about her uncle who took over her father’s responsibilities after her father died. He saw her through one of the best universities, and also instilled great business sense in her. Tolanibaj gave her tribute to her sisters who came through for her in times of confusion and depression. As she narrated her emotional story of the roles her sisters played in her life, she said, “My sisters, my rock.”

The presentation ended with Wathoni who chose her son as her hero. She started her presentation with a children’s song, “shark-do-do”, as she talked about her life with her son, how their relationship is centered around music and words. What got the housemates all teary was when she revealed how she gave birth to her son without having any sexual intercourse.

The results of the water task will be announced by Biggie this evening.