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Assessing your week


It’s weekend, and I know you just want to wind up work today and rest for the weekend. But before you do that, take a minute to reflect on the week you completed. Often times, we just let work go by. We come in on Monday, keep our heads down, take care of business, months pass, years pass, and we ask ourselves, “where did the last year go?”

You need to slow down for a minute, take in your accomplishments, celebrate your wins, find your error points and work on them. Assessing how your week went helps you to improve and do better the next week. Here’s an easy 5-step way to assess your week:

1. Celebrate your achievements

This is the most important step. Write down your wins on paper. We know it is your job, and it’s not much of a big deal, but taking a moment to celebrate them won’t do you any harm. You set a goal and you achieved it, it is worth celebrating.

Write down the details of how you accomplished the tasks. If you had to set up a new team to overcome a problem, write it down and write down the names of the team members. If you brought a new strategy to the table and it worked, write down the details of how you did it.

2. Note the tasks you weren’t able to accomplish

There are some tasks on your to-do list that you didn’t get to achieve at the end of the week. They could be jobs that weren’t so urgent or could take you away from your more important jobs. The fact that you didn’t get to achieve them doesn’t mean they’re not important, at least, they were important enough to show up on your to-do list.

Ask yourself if those tasks you neglected were to the detriment of your week. Could they have been done by someone else in the department? Did you deliberately neglect them? Has it become a norm to neglect the work? If you’re able to answer these questions sincerely, you’ll be able to tackle those works in the week to come. You might have to put them at the top of the list in the next week.

3. Address your losses and weaknesses

As much as it is important to celebrate your wins, you should also recognize your losses. You get to learn from them so you don’t make the same mistakes again. As painful as they may be, it is easier to learn from losses and mistakes than from numerous successes. Analyze the mistakes carefully, why did they happen? What could I have done better? How could I have avoided such mistakes?

Recognizing your mistakes and learning from them helps you do better in the next week.

4. Summarize your week

Wrap up all your learning in one or two sentences to sum up your week. This serves as a sort of self weekly assessment. Even if your company does that every week or once a month, it is essential that you do it yourself weekly.

5. Create goals for the next week

The main reason you’re doing a weekly assessment is to do better the next week. After you have assessed your last week, the next step is to create goals for the next. If you don’t set goals, it is only by luck that you achieve some successes. But when you set goals, you work towards it deliberately, and you’re already closer to achieving it.

Without goals, you won’t be able to track your record at the end of the week. You won’t be able to know if you actually did achieve what you were supposed to. The goals you set are the mantras by which you work by throughout the week.

Have a great Friday as you look forward to enjoying the weekend!