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5 Self Help Books You Should Read Before The Year Ends

Self help books you must read

Reading strengthens your thoughts, and improve the quality of your thinking. Reading a good book might save you 5 years of struggling. This means you can succeed 5 years earlier than expected. It saves you avoidable stress. Reading positions you to be a leader in whatever field you operate.

Self Help books are excellent sources of knowledge. They make you a better person, your actions are refined and you get better results in life.

Books provide practical ideas and images on how to find firmness and rest in different aspects of life. Reading also helps to improve personal strength, personal growth, and personal relations.

Self Help books work magic only when the reader is willing to apply the knowledge gotten from the books. We believe these 5 books would change your life drastically and you should read them before the year ends.

Purpose Driven Life

Purpose Driven Life is a 40-day journal spiritual guide written by Pastor Rick Warren. It helps you answer these questions; Who am I? What’s my purpose on earth?

Rick Warren explains who you are, why you were created, and how to fulfill your purpose on earth. You can read each chapter day after day to reflect on the ideas and apply them to your life.

Basically, the book is for those who wish to go deeper in their relationship with God and fulfill their purpose on Earth. It’s also a good ground for non -believers to understand God’s purpose for their lives.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad was written by Robert T Kiyosayi. It’s a book that helps you grow and improve your life economically and financially.

The book is about the mindsets of the Poor Dad (his real father) and his Rich Dad (his best friend’s father) about money, investment, and financial knowledge.

Robert says you don’t need to earn a high income to be rich. The Rich make money work for them. He also talked about how fear and greed dominate our decisions around money, that is why we go to school, get a job, and play safe, not knowing there’s no job security in real life.

Rich people acquire assets, the poor and middle class acquire liabilities because they think they are assets. Financial aptitude is what you do with money once you make it, how to keep it longer, and how you make money work hard for you. The single most powerful asset we have is our mind.

The New Spirit Control Woman

New Spirit Controlled was written by Beverly Lahaye. The major aim is to help women discover their strengths and weakness and it reveals how the Holy Spirit helps to maximize and minimize these to fulfill God’s purpose.

It focuses on identifying one’s temperament (sanguine, melancholy, phlegmatic, choleric) and its impact on being single, being married, love life, communication, and ministry.

The book tells the readers how God loves them, that He has good plans for them, and that he provided the needed to fulfill His will.

A must-read for every woman!

48 Laws of Power

Written by Robert Green. It’s a distinguished book that will stand out for a long period of time. 48 Laws of Power highlights the laws of power in life, business, and more.

It’s a book for anyone interested in gaining ultimate control. If your aim is conquest or self-defense, this book will help you to understand the rules of the game.

Think Big and Grow Rich

Arguably, this is the best book ever written on personal finance. It’s a book that helps you to grow financially.

Growing financially, not only on how to increase your income and become rich but also how to succeed in your professional life, achieve your dreams, and attract success.

If you want to achieve your goal, you need to shift your thinking from failure minded to success-minded.

There are also many self-help books available in book stores. Purchase them, read them, apply the knowledge gotten, and be a better you.