5 Nigerian musician who suddenly faded from the industry

Nigerian music industry has been producing great stars whom had drived Nigerian music hierarchy to the top in Africa. It had been a thriller to the citizens for that had created a good name to the country’s image and had given the upcoming artist the inspiration to keep on working. Meanwhile, some of these musical artistes who bursted the musical industries before had faded. Below are the famouse Nigerian musical artists who had faded from the industry.

1. Blackface

Black face

Augustine Ahmedu popularly known as Black face was one of the founding member of Nigerian band plantation boys in the year 200 with 2face and Faze.

Black face became popular in The days of plantation boys creating big name in Nigerian music industry but lost everything when the plantation departed on the intention to go individually.

He boosted back as a separate artists with his hit single ‘Erimma’ which was his first and last single before claiming his former member of plantation boys 2face Idibia stole his song titled African queen. This song trended the whole Africa. He accused him severally but no one believed him because he couldn’t give out a reasonable evidence. He later went on and released his own single of African queen.

since then he had been struggling with his musical career releasing few songs When the plantation boys departed with the intention to go solo.

2. Sunny Neji

Sunny Neji

The early century may not know any status about the legendary Nigeria music artiste sunny Neji who created a huge name to himself years back. He remains one of the best music artists ever seen in Nigeria years back.

Sunny Neji was born to the family of Mr and Mrs Raymond Neji in Lagos. He was the youngest of the five kids in his family. Due to his compassion for music he started singing in his young age leading many musical bands in school.

In 1991 he released his debut single titled ‘Captain’ on EMI which earned him name as he was signed to the colors band. He led them as the lead singer for five years and left them.

In 1999 he further released an album ‘Mr fartastik’ which thrilled the whole nation. The album sold tremendously which earned him many awards. This energised him as he released further songs namely ‘Wake up!’ and ‘Joromi’ in the year 2003.

He was described as one of the Nigerians best whose beautiful love songs ‘Oruka’ are enjoyed by everyone.

3. Paul play Dairo

Paul Play

Paul was born to the family of the popular juju music father known as I K Dairo. From the root of his father, he loved music but was on a different part.

His special talent and tricks as lyricist for professing love and expressing his heart desire to his woman nailed all. He is the singer of the popular throwback song named ‘angel of my life’ which is still played today on the radios. He faded in the music industry though.

4. Lord Of Ajasa

Lord Of Ajasa

Born segun Osaniyi was the Nigerian legendary Afro hip hop artist popularly known as Lord of Ajasa was the origin of Yoruba rap which paved ways for Dagrin, Zlatan, Olamide, Reminisce, Seriki and many more.

Born Segun Osaniyi was given the stage name The Lord of Ajasa (Lord of flavor) after he proved phenomenon, rapping easily with his language during his time in polytechnic Ondo State.

In 2000 he was recognised by the nation with his hit song ‘ma yi lo’ as he further released otiya, Esa lo blade, Ara Awe, Otiya and lefe before Dagrin changed the game with his hit Pon Pon pon. No one heard from him again.

5. Edris Abdulkarem


Ex Remedies star popularly known as Mr Remedy was born in a polygamous family in Kano to a father from Ilesha, Osun state and Mother Ogun state. He started his professional music in the year 1996 and was signed to Kennis music alongside 2face Idibia.

He became famous for criticising Nigerian government in his hit single ‘jaga jaga’ for that reason his music was banned in radios but could be heard in clubs.

he was recongnised as one of the Nigerians top rapper as he released other songs namely oko omoge, Mr lecturer, jaga’ jaga, clean up Nigeria, oko Achewo but now he has faded in the music industry.


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