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5 Books Every Nigerian Entrepreneur Needs to Read Before 2020 Ends.

5 Books Every Nigerian Entrepreneur Needs to Read Before 2020 Ends

Reading does to your mind what eating does to the body. To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need a strong mind. It is not an easy road, you will face many things that would discourage you.

Reading gives you the mental strength to go through challenges. Nothing is new under the sky, there is no problem you would face in business that someone ahead of you hasn’t faced.

Ignorance is not an excuse. Some mistakes are avoidable if you would just learn from the experience of those who have gone ahead of you. Many of these experiences are written in books. Get knowledge and make your road easier. One book might save you from 5 years of pain.

We were intentional in choosing books written by Nigerian authors. A business strategy that worked outside the country might not work if applied the same way in Nigeria. It’s a different terrain entirely. Our goal in this article is to highlight critical books you can read to make the journey to success easier.

Book 1: Small Business, Big Money

Critical books for entrepreneurs

This book was written by an Astute Businessman and Entrepreneur, Otunba Akin Alabi, In this book, he showed practical ways on how you can start a small business and make big money from it.

Here are some critical lessons contained in the book: Avoid quitting your job to start a business, don’t jump at every business opportunity, look for customers before starting a business, don’t make assumptions when starting a business,  be a social media junkie and many more.

Book 2: The Digital  Entrepreneur

Critical books for entrepreneurs

Samson Olatunde is a speaker,  an Entrepreneur, an Author, a Life coach, and a philanthropist. In this book, he talked about how making $10,000 in 3 weeks set him on a journey to starting an online business.

He discussed numerous business opportunities that exist in the digital space; how you can leverage digital marketing to grow your business, how to use digital literacy to grow your career and business. He also analyzed content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

As an addition, he shared several links in the book, where you can get more useful resources about doing business in the digital space successfully.

 Book 3: Entrepreneurship The Slot Way

Critical books for entrepreneurs
Critical books for entrepreneurs

In this book, Nnamdi Ezeigbo, founder of SLOT System Limited, shows Nigerian entrepreneurs how to succeed in a tough business environment. This book has three solid sections that give a holistic approach to the subject of entrepreneurship.

He started by explaining the difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner. In the second section of the book, he explained how to leverage technology in order to be successful in business. He concluded by teaching practical ways to sustain the success you have achieved.

Book 4: 15 Simple Way to Sell Anything to Anyone

Critical books for entrepreneurs

Sales are the blood of any business, if you cannot convince people to buy your products, you will soon run out of business. Paul Foh is Nigeria’s No 1 sales coach who sells thousands of his books yearly.

He is the CEO of Katalyst Consulting, a sales recruitment, training, and Software Company. In his book, 15 ways to sell anything to anyone, he walked readers through how to close big deals. If you know how to sell, more than half of the problems you would face in business is solved.

Book 5: The Smart Money Woman

Critical books for entrepreneurs

This book talks about the journey of an African girl to financial freedom. The author used great storytelling skills to explain essential money principles.

Arese Ugwu used the practical day to day activities to address money management. Though she used women to explain these principles, it applies to everyone. Making money is easy, keeping the money is the real main problem. Arese addresses critical issues we often overlook in managing money.

We have no doubt that applying the principles in these books will help you achieve outstanding success in business. Have an amazing day!