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4 Nigerian Music Duos That Went Solo


The Nigerian music industry has been whole lots fun with new artistes been welcomed. In Africa today, Nigerian has been taking the lead when it comes to music and videos.

There have been some notable band groups in Nigerian which today have gone on to have a solo career and we will take our time to discuss a few of them here. Many lost the glory and faded away after leaving the group while some have been soaring high and making names for themselves with great kinds of music to their name.

Today we are taking our time to list to you the four (4) notable groups that broke up and couldn’t stand on their own while some have been doing absolutely okay.



Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye that are well known as Psquare is Nigerian music twins and were one of the powerful music duos the industry has ever produced so far. They have recorded so many hit songs and albums that even till date is still trending, E.g Bank Alert, Away, Get Square, Ifunanya. Also, they have recorded so many albums together too, albums like Double Trouble, Get Squared, Danger, Game Over, The Invasion, and Get Serious.

They both had an enjoyable moment together as music duos, but today they decided to go solo with Peter Okoye now known as Mr. P and Paul Okoye now known as Rudeboy.

Peter and Paul Okoye are the perfect definition of talent as both the singers have been doing well even after break up. Rudeboy has recorded so many hits to his name too, Hits like Chizoba, Audio Money, Nkeji, Take It, iFai and Reason With Me.

Mr. P himself is no exception when you talk about music today, he has proven to be good even as a solo artist with so many hit songs too on his name. he is responsible for hits like Zombie, My Way, Too Late, Karma, and One More Night.

2. Plantashun Boiz


Plantashun Boys that consist of Faze, 2baba, and Blackface is indeed a well known Nigerian music group that did wonders during their reign. The group was formed back in their university days in Institution Of Management and Technology (I.M.T). They later moved to Lagos in pursuit of their music career. the group was too strong that the least we expected was a breakup.

It started with 2face know known as 2Baba when he announced his intention to leave the group and start as a solo artist. The break up did go well as he was accused of stealing African Queen which turns to be a hit when 2face released it back in 2004.

2Baba went on as a solo artist and no doubt he has been raving not just in Nigerian but in Africa and beyond. He has recorded so many hits and albums to his name that even to date, it’s still trending.

He is responsible for hits like African Queen, Opo, Oyi, Only Me, Amaka, If Love Is A Crime See Me So, Ginger, True Love, and I dey Hear Everything.
2face has been the most successful of them all as he also has recorded so many Albums, Awards, and International recognitions.

3. Kcee Presh

kcee presh

The two singers, Kcee And Presh have been one of the greatest musical duos in Nigeria as they both have so many recorded hits in their name. They went on to drop Shokiri bobo, Senge Menge.

In 2011, they won the maiden Star Quest award, the two decided to go solo as Kcee went on to release amazing hits like Limpopo, Erima, Pull Over, Ogaranya, Isee, Tender, and all this song was released under five Star Music just as Presh released Say Dem Say featuring Davido Under his then imprint, Eric Many.

4. Styl Plus

Styl Plus

Styl Plus came out to be a strong music group in Nigeria, the group is made up of Shifi Omoefe, Zeal, and Tunde. They are also responsible for some hits that trended for months if not years before leaving the group. Hits like Olufunmi, Runaway, Iya basira and Imagine dat were recorded in their name. The group decided to split after been together for four years which lead to the last hit tagged four (4) Years, as Tunde left the group to continue as a solo artist.